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Currently Filming

Eunuch on the Town "公公出宮" (30 Eps) Wayne Lai, John Chiang, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Power Chan, Natalie Tong, Lin Xia Wei
Producer Marco Law · Estimated Filming Completion: July

The Ultimate Emergency Unit "EU超時任務" (20 Eps) Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu, Zoei Tam, Moon Lau, Pal Sinn
Producer Lam Chi Wah · Estimated Filming Completion: July

Trend Setters "潮流教主" (20 Eps) Moses Chan, Sisley Choi, Him Law, Ali Lee, Hanjin Tan
Producer Fong Chun Chiu · Estimated Filming Completion: July

Revolutionary Physician "末代御醫" (22 Eps) Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Pierre Ngo, Rebecca Zhu, Jazz Lam, JJ Jia
Producer Nelson Cheung · Estimated Filming Completion: August

Love Food Chain "愛情食物鏈" (20 Eps) Kitty Yuen, King Kong, Jason Chan, Samantha Ko
Producer Tsui Ching Hong · Estimated Filming Completion: July

Come Home Love 愛.回家(TBA Eps) Louis Cheung, Priscilla Wong, Katy Kung, Owen Cheung, Evergreen Mak
Producer Lo Zhen Ngoc · Estimated Filming Completion: TBD

Internship Angel "實習天使" (20 Eps) Tony Hung, Eliza Sam, Pal Sinn, Alice Chan, Moon Lau, Elaine Yiu
Producer Yip Chan Fai · Estimated Filming Completion: August

Police Dog Counterparts "警犬巴打" (TBA Eps) Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Tracy Chu, Oscar Leung, Angel Chiang
Producer Wong Wai Sing · Estimated Filming Completion: September

Skillful Accident "純熟意外" (TBA Eps) Lawrence Ng, Sisley Choi, Selena Li, Chris Lai, Joyce Tang
Producer Andy Chan · Estimated Filming Completion: September

Upcoming Series To Be Filmed

Brother's Keeper II - Kristal Tin, Edwin Siu, Grace Chan, Louis Yuen, Ruco Chan(G), Linda Chung(G) Producer Amy Wong.
City Warriors "城寨英雄" - Philip Ng, Him Law, Sammy Sum Producer Man Wai Hung. Set in 1950's. Kung-fu.
Unconfirmed Dates
Title TBA - Producer Wong Chom Lam.

Links to Artists' Collaborations (Updated 4/5/15)

Producers' Series Tracker

Lee Yim Fong Tsui Ching Hong Andy Chan Au Koon Ying Yip Chan Fai
Return of the Silver Tongue (47th)All That is Bitter is Sweet (47thEvery Step You TakeTriumph in the Skies II (46th)My Spiritual Ex-Lover (48th)
Madam Cutie on Duty (48th)Ghost of RelativitySkillful AccidentInternship Angel
Romantic Repertoire (48th)Love Food ChainSpeed of Life
Fong Chun Chiu Lee Tim Sing Lo Zhen Ngoc Amy Wong Man Wai Hung
Eye in the Sky (48th)Bullet Brain (46th)Under the VeilBlack Heart White Soul (47th)Line Walker (47th)
Momentary Lapse of ReasonNo ReserveBrick SlavesLord of ShanghaiCome With Me
Trend SettersNoblesse Oblige (48th)Please Spare the PrisonerBrother's Keeper II City Warriors
Come Home Love
Leung Choi Yuen Tsui Yue On Marco Law Poon Ka Tak Wong Wai Sing
Storm in a Cocoon (47th)Links to Temptation (44th)Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (47th)Lady Sour (48th)Come On, Cousin (47th)
Captain of DestinyBe Home for Dinner (44th)Overachievers (47th)Rogue EmperorWith or Without You
Hungry DetectiveCome Home Love (45th) Eunuch on the TownExpert InvestigatorsPolice Dog Counterparts
Lam Chi Wah Joe Chan Nelson Cheung Kwan Wing Chung Chong Wai Kin
Tomorrow is Another Day (47th)Never Dance Alone (47th)Officer Geomancer (48th)Queen Divas (47th)The Ultimate Addiction (47th)
Smooth Talker (48th)Raising the Bar (48th)Wudang Rules (48th)Young Charioteers (48th)Limelight Years (48th)
The Ultimate Emergency UnitBlue VeinsRevolutionary PhysicianGood Morning, BossMy Spiritual Ex-Lover (48th)

Artists' Upcoming Series Tracker

# = Number of upcoming series
(G) = Guest Role
Artist Age # Upcoming Series Artist Age # Upcoming Series
Wayne Lai494No Reserve, Under the Veil, Lord of Shanghai, Eunuch on the Town Joey Meng431With or Without You
Kristal Tin363Under the Veil, Ghost of Relativity, Brother's Keeper II Myolie Wu343No Reserve, Every Step You Take, Lord of Shanghai
Kevin Cheng441Blue Veins Kenneth Ma393Rogue Emperor, Lord of Shanghai, Hungry Detective
Tavia Yeung342Momentary Lapse of Reason, Revolutionary Physician Sharon Chan351Come With Me
Moses Chan423Every Step You Take, Ghost of Relativity, Trend Setters Ron Ng341Lord of Shanghai
Linda Chung292Police Dog Counterparts, Brother's Keeper II(G) Selena Li322Brick Slaves, Skillful Accident(G)
Kate Tsui340 Nancy Wu322Ghost of Relativity, Eunuch on the Town
Bosco Wong332Under the Veil, Police Dog Counterparts Vincent Wong303Brick Slaves, With or Without You, The Ultimate Emergency Unit
Ruco Chan372Captain of Destiny, Brother's Keeper II(G) Mandy Wong313Rogue Emperor, Captain of Destiny, Expert Investigators
Raymond Wong372Under the Veil, Police Dog Counterparts Pierre Ngo414Lord of Shanghai, Speed of Life, Ghost of Relativity, Revolutionary Physician
Louis Cheung362Momentary Lapse of Reason, Come Home Love Oscar Leung342Hungry Detective, Police Dog Counterparts
Kenny Wong512Speed of Life, Please Spare the Prisoner Him Law292Trend Setters, City Warriors
Tony Hung293Captain of Destiny, Good Morning, Boss, Internship Angel Sammy Sum312Come With Me, City Warriors
Jason Chan361Love Food Chain Tracy Chu254Rogue Emperor(G), Expert Investigators, The Ultimate Emergency Unit, Police Dog Counterparts
Natalie Tong323Lord of Shanghai, Speed of Life, Eunuch on the Town Grace Chan233Captain of Destiny, Blue Veins, Brother's Keeper II
Elaine Yiu334Every Step You Take, Captain of Destiny, Please Spare the Prisoner, Internship Angel Sisley Choi233Speed of Life, Trend Setters, Skillful Accident
Edwin Siu363No Reserve, Eunuch on the Town, Brother's Keeper II Toby Leung301Internship Angel
Priscilla Wong322Hungry Detective, Come Home Love Benjamin Yuen324Rogue Emperor, Speed of Life, Expert Investigators, The Ultimate Emergency Unit
Lin Xia Wei261Momentary Lapse of Reason Eliza Sam294Under the Veil, Brick Slaves, Hungry Detective, Internship Angel
Katy Kung234Under the Veil, Captain of Destiny, Please Spare the Prisoner, Come Home Love Rebecca Zhu263Expert Investigators, The Ultimate Emergency Unit(G), Revolutionary Physician
Mat Yeung325Lord of Shanghai, Captain of Destiny, Momentary Lapse of Reason, Please Spare the Prisoner, Hungry Detective Fred Cheng300
**Please tell me if there is a mistake! Since it's way too difficult to track all artists, there will be only a limited amount listed. If there is an artist that you want tracked, please feel free to request.**

Artists' Series in 2015 48th Anniversary Tracker

# = Number of aired series
(G) = Guest Role
Artist # Aired Series Artist # Aired Series
Wayne Lai1Master of Destiny (G) Joey Meng1Officer Geomancer
Kristal Tin0 Myolie Wu1Lady Sour
Kevin Cheng1Eye in the Sky Kenneth Ma1Noblesse Oblige
Tavia Yeung3Noblesse Oblige, Eye in the Sky, Wudang Rules Sharon Chan1Lady Sour
Moses Chan1Romantic Repertoire Ron Ng0
Linda Chung1Limelight Years Selena Li1Master of Destiny (G)
Kate Tsui1Smooth Talker Nancy Wu0
Bosco Wong0 Vincent Wong0
Ruco Chan1Eye in the Sky Mandy Wong1Madam Cutie on Duty
Raymond Wong0 Pierre Ngo0
Louis Cheung1Raising the Bar Oscar Leung2Officer Geomancer, My Spiritual Ex-Lover
Kenny Wong1Master of Destiny Him Law2Lady Sour, Young Charioteers
Tony Hung1Eye in the Sky Sammy Sum1Young Charioteers
Jason Chan2Romantic Repertoire, Wudang Rules Tracy Chu1Smooth Talker
Natalie Tong1Raising the Bar Grace Chan1Raising the Bar
Elaine Yiu1Raising the Bar Sisley Choi2Officer Geomancer, Young Charioteers
Edwin Siu3Madam Cutie on Duty, My Spiritual Ex-Lover, Master of Destiny Toby Leung1Wudang Rules
Priscilla Wong1Madam Cutie on Duty Benjamin Yuen1Noblesse Oblige
Lin Xia Wei2Eye in the Sky, Young Charioteers Eliza Sam2Lady Sour, Limelight Years
Katy Kung1Romantic Repertoire Rebecca Zhu2Officer Geomancer, Smooth Talker
Mat Yeung1Madam Cutie on Duty Fred Cheng1Officer Geomancer

Veteran/Non-Contracted Artists' Series Tracker

# = Number of upcoming series
(G) = Guest Role
Artist # Past & Upcoming Series Artist # Past & Upcoming Series
Ada Choi0 Adam Cheng0
Alex Fong0 Bobby Au-Yeung1With or Without You
Bowie Lam0 Charmaine Sheh0Line Walker(47th)
Christine Ng0 Damian Lau1Limelight Years (48th)
Esther Kwan0 Flora Chan0Never Dance Alone(47th), Good Morning, Boss
Jessica Hsuan0 Joe Ma1Tiger Cubs II (47th), Smooth Talker (48th)
Joyce Tang1Queen Divas(47th), My Spiritual Ex-Lover(48th), Skillful Accident Julian Cheung1
Kent Cheng0 Raymond Lam0Line Walker(47th)
Lawrence Ng1Never Dance Alone(47th), Tomorrow is Another Day (47th), Skillful Accident Liza Wang2Master of Destiny (48th), Limelight Years (48th)
Louisa So1Rear Mirror (47th), Lord of Shanghai Louise Lee1Ruse of Engagement(47th), Romantic Repertoire(48th)
Maggie Cheung0 Maggie Siu2Storm in a Cocoon (47th), Overachievers (47th), Captain of Destiny, Please Spare the Prisoner
Michael Miu0Line Walker(47th) Michelle Yim1Coffee Cat Mama (47th), Limelight Years (48th), Young Charioteers (48th)
Nancy Sit0Queen Divas(47th), My Spiritual Ex-Lover(48th) Roger Kwok1Black Heart White Soul (47th), Come On, Cousin (47th), Revolutionary Physician
Sheren Tang0 Sonija Kwok1Under the Veil
Steven Ma0Storm in a Cocoon (47th) Sunny Chan0
Susanna Kwan1Overachievers (47th) Yoyo Mung0Ruse of Engagement(47th)
Niki Chow1Rogue Emperor Michael Tse0
Fala Chen0

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Upcoming Series News


4/22/15: "Limelight Years" will air on April 27 succeeding "Romantic Repertoire". --- Mainland's "The Empress of China" will air on April 26 succeeding "Smooth Talker". From this series on, all series airing at the 9:30 slot will air 7 days a week. --- Roger Kwok and Tavia Yeung's "Revolutionary Physician" will be produced by Nelson Cheung. Pierre Ngo, Rebecca Zhu, Jazz Lam, JJ Jia and Jonathan Cheung join the cast. --- Man Wai Hung will produce a kung-fu series in August called "City Warriors" 城寨英雄 starring Philip Ng, Him Law and Sammy Sum. --- Wong Cho Lam will produce a new series at the end of this year. --- Producer Lo Zhen Ngoc will produce a new sitcom in May starring Louis Cheung, Eliza Sam and Owen Cheung.

3/31/15: Upcoming Moses Chan series is called "Trend Setters" 潮流教主. Him Law joins the cast. --- Rebecca Zhu and Christina Kuo will film "The Ultimate Emergency Unit". --- Bosco Wong and Linda Chung will film "Police Dog Counterparts" 警犬巴打 in July.

3/25/15: Grace Chan joins "Brother's Keeper II". Ruco Chan and Linda Chung will only make guest appearances. --- Tracy Chu takes the lead in "The Ultimate Emergency Unit". Moon Lau and Zoei Tam also join. --- Sisley Choi will film upcoming new series with Moses Chan. --- "Vampire" is now called "Blue Veins".

3/18/15: Vincent Wong, Kenny Wong, Benjamin Yuen and Pal Sinn will film "Ultimate Emergency Unit". --- Kristal Tin, Edwin Siu and Louis Yuen are confirmed to film "Brother's Keeper II".

3/8/15: Flora Chan, Tuny Hung and Ali Lee join Ben Wong in "Good Morning Boss". --- Lam Chi Wah will produce "The Ultimate Emergency Unit" filming in April. --- Moses Chan will film new modern series in May produced by Fong Chun Chiu. --- "When Race Cars Meet" is now called " Speed of Life". --- "Inverse War Tangxi" is now called "Momentary Lapse of Reason". --- "Wudang Martial Arts" is now called "Wu Dang Rules". --- "The Road to Partnership" is now called "Every Step You Take".

3/1/15: Leung Choi Yuen is producing a new series called "Hungry Detective" filming begins in March. Cast includes Kenneth Ma, Priscilla Wong, Eliza Sam, Louis Yuen, Elvina Kong. --- "Romantic Repertoire" will air succeeding "Young Charioteers" on March 30. --- "Smooth Talker" will air succeeding "Eye in the Sky" on March 30.

2/8/15: "My Spiritual Ex-Lover", previously "Lost Souls", will be airing tomorrow succeeding "Madam". --- "Young Charioteers" will air March 2 succeeding "Raising the Bar". --- "Eye in the Sky" is confirmed to air succeeding "Spiritual" on March 2.

1/27/15: Raymond Wong will film a new series in April. --- Kwan Wing Chung will produce new series "Good Morning Boss" 波士早晨 with Ben Wong cast in March.

1/5/15: Madam Cutie on Duty will air Jan. 12 succeeding 'Officer'. --- Quid Pro Quo will air Jan. 26 succeeding 'Noblesse'. --- Poon Ka Tak will start producing "Expert Investigators" this month starring Chin Ka Lok, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Rebecca Zhu, Tracy Chu and Timmy Hung. --- Lo Zhen Ngoc will produce "Please Spare the Prisoner" in January starring Kenny Wong, Maggie Siu, Joel Chan, Mat Yeung, Elaine Yiu and Katy Kung. --- Ada Choi is no longer filming "Eunuch". Nancy will be lead lady while Lin Xia Wei joins the cast. It will film in February. --- Joel Chan, Grace Wong and Eddie Kwan join "Vampire". --- Kristal Tin stated "Brother's Keeper II" is currently in pre-production.

12/16/14: "Officer Geomancer" replaces "Noblesse Oblige" airing this week at the 9:30 timeslot succeeeding "'Overachievers". --- Instead, "Noblesse" has been moved to December 29 succeeding "Lady Sour". --- "Madam Cutie on Dutie" has been placed back on the shelves until further notice.

11/25/14: "Noblesse Oblige" will air succeeding "Overachievers" on Dec. 16. --- "Madam Cutie on Dutie" is scheduled to air succeeding "Lady Sour" on Dec. 29.

11/17/14: Man Wai Hung will produce a new series starring Eddie Cheung, Sharon Chan, Louis Yuen & Benz Hui called "Love & Sex" "性在有情" in November. --- Tavia's December series will produced by Fong Chun Chiu called "Conscience Regulations" "收規華的良心". Louis Cheung, Lin Xia Wei, Mat Yeung & Joe Cheng join the cast. --- Marco Law will produce "Eunuch on the Town" "公公出宮" in January 2015 with Wayne Lai, Ada Choi, John Chiang, Nancy Wu, Edwin Siu, Natalie Tong, Power Chan and Raymond Cho. --- Upcoming Kevin/Kay Tse series is called "The Vampire" "殭". --- Upcoming Roger/Tavia Qing dynasty series is called "Revolutionary Physician" "末代御醫".

11/3/14: "Lady Sour" will air succeeding "Come On, Cousin" on Dec. 1st. --- Tavia Yeung will film a new series in December. --- Roger Kwok, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Power Chan, JJ Jia, Louis Fan will film a Qing dynasty series in April 2015. --- "Breaking the Line" is officially called "Young Charioteers". --- "The Misadventure of Zoo" is officially called "Rogue Emperor". --- "Harmony is Bliss" is officially called "Smooth Talker". --- "A Poet's Family" is officially called "With or Without You". --- Moses Chan, Kristal Tin and Nancy Wu's ghost series is officially named "Ghost of Relativity".

10/20/14: Bobby Au Yeung, Joey Meng, Vincent Wong, Alice Chan & Jacqueline Wong will film new ancient drama "A Poet's Family" 東坡家事 by producer Wong Wai Sing in November.

10/8/14: Joe Chan will produce a new drama in early 2015 starring Kevin Cheng and Kay Tse.

10/6/14: Sisley Choi, Kenny Wong and Vivien Yeo join the cast of upcoming "When Races Cars Meet". --- "Overachievers" will air November 3rd succeeding "Tomorrow is Another Day".

9/30/14: Producers Chong Wai Kin is teaming up with new producer Yip Chan Fai for new CNY series "Lost Souls". Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak & Oscar Leung will film this. View costume fitting in post below. --- "Battle for Tomorrow" is officially named "Tomorrow is Another Day". --- "Neighbours" is now named "Brick Slaves". --- "Pirate Cheung" is now called "Captain of Destiny.

9/15/14: Andy Chan will produce new series "When Race Cars Meet" 當鐵馬遇上戰車 in October starring Benjamin Yuen and Natalie Tong. --- "The Battle for Tomorrow" is scheduled to air succeeding "Line Walker" on October 6. --- "Tiger Cubs II" is scheduled to air on Sundays only starting October 19. --- "Inbound Troubles II" is officially named "Come On, Cousin". It is scheduled to air October 20 succeeding "All That is Bitter is Sweet".

8/26/14: Lam Chi Wah's upcoming modern series is tentatively called "Harmony is Bliss" 以和為貴. Tracy Chu and Jacqueline Wong join the cast. View post below for costume fitting held today. --- "Behind the Makeup" is now called "Romantic Repertoire". --- "All That is Bitter is Sweet" is confirmed to air September 8th succeeding "Rear Mirror". --- Ada Choi has pulled out of upcoming Tsui Ching Hong series. Kristal will take over her role while Nancy Wu joins the cast taking over Kristal's role.

8/11/14: Tsui Ching Hong will produce a modern series in November starring Moses Chan, Ada Choi and Kristal Tin. --- Mandy Wong, Elaine Yiu and Grace Chan join "Pirate Cheung".

7/23/14: Line Walker is scheduled to air succeeding "Black Heart" now instead of "Officer Geomancer" on August 25. "Officer Geomancer" has been put back on the shelves until further notice. --- Tavia Yeung will film "Wudang Martial Arts". --- Upcoming Leung Choi Yuen series with Raymond Wong is called "Pirate Cheung" 張保仔. Ruco Chan, Maggie Siu, Elliot Yue and Joel Chan will film this. --- New Vincent/Eliza/Selena series by Lo Zhen Ngoc is called "Neighbours" 樓奴. Kiki Sheung, Evergreen Mak and Rachel Kan join the cast. --- "Elegant Transition" is officially named "Limelight Years". --- "Business War" is officially named "Overachievers".

7/10/14: Upcoming Him/Sisley series will be about bicycling. Cast now includes Lin Xia Wei, Jinny Ng, William Hu, Hubert Wu and Adrian Chau.

7/02/14: Rear Mirror is scheduled to air succeeding "Ghost" on August 11. --- "Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth" is officially named "Officer Geomancer". It is scheduled to air succeeding "Black Heart" on August 25. --- Lam Chi Wah will produce a new modern series in September starring Joe Ma, Kate Tsui, Johnson Lee and Elena Kong. --- New producer Lo Zhen Ngoc will produce a modern series in August with cast members Vincent Wong, Eliza Sam, Selena Li and Toby Chan.

6/20/14: Joe Chan will produce legal series "Four Girls and Three Bars" starring Ben Wong, Louis Cheung, Grace Chan, Natalie Tong, Elaine Yiu & Stephanie Ho. --- Upcoming Lee Yim Fong series is called "Behind the Makeup" with Moses Chan, Joyce Koi, Louise Lee, Evergreen Mak, Jason Chan & Katy Kung. --- "Ring Leader" is now called "Lord of Shanghai". The costume fitting was today. View below.

6/02/14: "Ghost Dragons" is confirmed to air on June 30 succeeding "Journey". --- "Black Heart" is confirmed to air on July 14 succeeding "Addiction. --- New Him Law series about swimming will be produced by Kwan Wing Chung called "Breaking the Line". Sisley Choi, Sammy Shum and Rebecca Zhu join the cast. --- Lee Yim Fong will produce a series in June starring Joyce Koi. --- Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Kent Tong, Eddie Kwan, Natalie Tong, Alice Chan join "The Ring Leader". --- Leung Choi Yuen is producing a new series starring Raymond Wong.

4/29/14: "The Ultimate Addiction" is scheduled to air June 2nd succeeding "Dance". --- Lin Xia Wei, Tony Hung, Susan Tse, Samantha Ko and Vivien Yeo will film "Eye".

4/20/14: "Wudang Martial Arts" will start filming in August. Cast: Chin Siu Ho, Myolie Wu, Timmy Hung and Toby Leung.

4/6/14: "M Club" is officially titled "Never Dance Alone. It is now scheduled to air April 21 succeeding 'Ruse'. "Rear Mirror" will no longer be airing at that time and has been put back on the shelves. Instead, TVB is airing a mainland drama "Journey to the West" on April 28 succeeding 'Swipe'.

3/24/14: "The Misadventure of Zoo" will include Kenneth Ma, Niki Chow, Mandy Wong, Pal Sinn and Joseph Lee. --- "Rear Mirror" is scheduled to air on April 21 succeeding "Ruse". --- "M Club" is confirmed to air on April 28 succeeding "Swipe". --- Amy Wong's upcoming kung-fu series has changed its named to "The Ring Leader". --- "Floating Courtroom" is now officially named "Noblesse Oblige". --- "The Family Rein" is officially named "Master of Destiny". --- "Mommy Madam" is officially named "Madam Cutie on Duty". --- "Double Fantasies" is officially named "Under the Veil".

3/14/14: Susanna Kwan, Elliot Yue & Jason Chan join "Business War". --- "Road to Partnership" had its costume fitting today. Cast consists of Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Evergreen Mak, Elaine Yiu and Cheung Wing Hong. --- Joe Ma is slated to film a new TVB series sometime this year.

3/5/14: "Vinegar Lady" is officially named 'Lady Sour'.

3/4/14: Wayne Lai and Pierre Ngo will film "Kung Fu" with Anthony Wong and Ron Ng. It will be pre-modern set in Shanghai. --- "The Middle Person" is officially named 'Black Heart White Soul'. --- "Midas Touch" is officially named 'The Ultimate Addiction'. --- "A Man's Big Wedding" is officially named 'Rear Mirror'. --- "The Medical Centre" is officially named 'All That is Bitter is Sweet'.

3/2/14: Tavia Yeung is confirmed to star alongside Kevin and Ruco in "Eye in the Sky". --- Jack Wu and Elaine Yiu will star in a modern series airing on Sunday evenings called "Hong Kong Heart, Hong Kong Love" by Producer Franklin Wong. Blessing ceremony is tomorrow. --- Linda Chung will join Damian, Liza and Alex Fong Lik Sun to film "Elegant Transition" by Chong Wai Kin in June. --- Kenneth Ma & Niki Chow will film "The Misadventure of Zoo" by Poon Ka Tak. --- Joe Chan will produce a legal drama with Louisa So and Ben Wong casted. --- Him Law will film a new swimming lifesaving series soon. --- Sammy Leung has pulled out of "Walker" and Sammy Sum will take over his role. --- "Please Leave a Love Message" is officially named 'Swipe Tap Love' and it will air March 31 succeeding "Storm". --- Amy Wong's series is called "Kung Fu". Ron Ng is confirmed to film this. --- Nelson Cheung will produce "Wudang Martial Arts" starring Myolie Wu and Chin Ka Lok. --- Bobby Au Yeung and Joey Meng will partner to film "So Dong Po" this year. --- 'The Assassins of Cold Mountain' is officially named "Ghost Dragon on Cold Mountain". --- "The Apostle Walker" is officially named 'Line Walker'. ---

2/8/14: "Eye in the Sky", which was showcased in the 2014 Sales Presentation, will be produced by Fong Chun Chiu. Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan are confirmed to take part.

2/5/14: 'Ruse of Engagement' is confirmed to officially air on March 17 succeeding "Gilded Chopsticks". --- Liza's new modern series will begin filming in May.

1/27/14: "Business War" cast stars Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Power Chan, Maggie Siu, Nancy Wu, Grace Chan, Sisley Choi. --- "Battle for Tomorrow" will have it's costume fitting today. See below for pics.

1/20/14: Actress Josie Ho will film "Battle for Tomorrow". --- Damian Lau, Liza Wang and Alex Fong Lik Sun will film a series together soon. Date TBA. --- It has been announced that Jennifer Tse will lead in a legal drama in mid-2014. --- "Floating Courtroom" will be 20 episodes. Lau Dan and Susan Tse has joined the cast. Seems like Lin Xia Wei will no longer be filming this due to illness. --- Amy Wong will produce a modern kung-fu drama starring film star Anthony Wong along with Aimee Chan.

1/06/14: "Gilded Chopsticks" will air succeeding "Queen Divas" on Feb. 10th. --- "Sustaining the Foundation" is officially named "Storm in a Cocoon". It is confirmed to air on Feb. 17th succeeding "Outbound Love".

12/30/13: 'Meet the Daughter-In-Laws' official name is "Queen Divas". --- Kristal Tin and Raymond Wong join the cast of "Double Fantasies". --- Upcoming Kenneth and Tavia ancient comedy is temp. called "Floating Courtroom" 官場浮世繪.

12/19/13: "Outbound Love" is confirmed to air succeeding "Tongue" on Jan. 20. --- "Meet the Daughter-In-Laws" will air succeeding "Coffee Cat Mama" (recently named "Mr. & Mrs. Bean"). --- New producer Law Chun Bing to produce "Double Fantasies", an 80's classic ancient drama remake in January. Cast so far includes Wayne Lai, Sonija Kwok, Bosco Wong and Eliza Sam. --- Joel Chan and Benjamin Yuen join Lee Tim Sing's ancient drama. Lin Xia Wei will most likely take part as well. --- Kevin Cheng will film a modern cop series in April. --- Alex Fong Lik Sun will film a TVB drama soon.

11/23/13: Coffee Cat Mama (previously named "Cat Mother" is scheduled to air succeeding Bounty Lady on Dec. 23rd @ 9:30. --- Kevin Cheng will return to TVB to film a series in March 2014. --- Bosco Wong is slated to film a new series in early 2014.

11/13/13: "Mommy Madam", "Ox Head" and "Vinegar Lady" had their costume fittings this week. View respective posts below. --- "Blades of Justice" is officially named "Return of the Silver Tongue". It is scheduled to air succeeding "THCII" on December 17th. --- Andy Chan will produce "The Road to Partnership". --- Marco Law will produce a series called "Business War" 殤戰 in March. "Five Eunuch Tigers will film later in 2014. --- It has been announced the Chilam Cheung and Francis Ng will return to TVB to film separate dramas. More info. to be released.

10/20/13: Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong & Mandy Wong will star in a new modern series in November by Lee Yim Fong. --- Pierre Ngo & Shirley Yeung join the cast of "Medical Centre". --- Vincent Wong & Jade Leung will film "Battle for Tomorrow". --- Bobby Au Yeung will no longer film "Ox Head..." due to schedule conflicts. Johnson Lee will take over his role. Oscar Leung joins and will take over Johnson's previous role. --- Hins Cheung will not be filming "Inboudn Troubles II".

10/13/13: "My Fair Lady" will now be called "Bounty Lady" and it is confirmed to air succeeding "Will Power" on Nov. 25th @9:30. --- Marco Law will produce a spin-off pre-modern series to "The Confidant" in March 2014 called "Eunuch Five Tigers". Wayne Lai, Raymond Cho, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Edwin Siu & Nancy Wu are confirmed to film. Aimee is scheduled to film as well if appropriate. --- Ruco Chan, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong & Natalie Tong will film "The Medical Centre", a pre-modern series by Tsui Ching Hong, in December. --- Lawrence Ng's series in January will be modern produced by Lam Chi Wah called "The Battle of Tomorrow". Kate Tsui, Joyce Tang and Cheung Kwok Keung will film this. --- "Seize Every Minute" will now be called "The Apostle Walker" produced by Man Wai Hung. Michael Miu, Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Sharon Chan, Elena Kong & Sammy Leung are confirmed to take part. Tony Leung has dropped out due to injuries. --- Moses Chan, Myolie Wu & Priscilla Wong are slated to film modern series "The Road to Partnership" in February. --- Tavia Yeung will star alongside Kenneth Ma in Lee Tim Sing's upcoming Qing Dynasty comedy in December.

9/23/13: Linda Chung announced that she will film a new series soon. More details TBA. --- Gigi Wong and Jerry Koo joins Vinegar Lady. --- Lee Tim Sing will produce a Qing dynasty series at the end of the year. Kenneth will star in this. --- The TVB Sales Presentation will be aired on November 30th.

9/8/13: Will Power is officially confirmed to air succeeding Sniper Standoff on October 14. --- Fong Chun Chiu's new September series is tentatively named "A Man's Big Wedding" 男大當婚. --- New Kwan Wing Chung series in September will be called "Meet the Daughter-in-Laws" 新抱喜相逢. Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo will film this. --- Moses slated to return to film a TVB series in September. --- The Tony Leung series filming in January is named "Seize the Day" 只爭朝夕.

8/18/13: Nelson Cheung's upcoming comedy is tentatively called "Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth" "牛頭愛搭馬嘴". Johnson Lee and Rebecca Zhu will film this series. --- "Midas Touch" will have its costume fitting on Wednesday, August 21st. Toby Leung has joined the cast. --- Alice Chan and Eliza Sam added to "Vinegar Lady". Louis Cheung is confirmed to participate as well. --- Kate Tsui has joined the cast of "Family Rein".

8/12/13: Bobby Au Yeung will film with Joey Meng in Nelson Cheung's November modern comedy. --- Kate Tsui, Elena Kong, Ben Wong and Fred Cheng with film "Midas Touch". Michael Miu will no longer be filming this due to schedule conflict. --- Ron Ng will be in "Vinegar Lady" with Myolie and Him.

7/29/13: Producer Chong Wai Kin's new series to be filmed will be referred to as "Midas Touch" 點金聖手. Nancy Wu will film this. --- Wong Jing's drama is tentatively named "The Family Rein" 縱橫天地. Kenny Wong, Kimmy Tong and Tiffany Tang will join the cast. --- Him Law is confirmed to film "Vinegar Lady" with Myolie. Ron Ng stated that he will film an ancient series with Myolie in November, most likely this series. --- Louis Cheung joins "Middle Person". --- "Aerobic Girls" is now titled "M Club.

7/21/13: Sniper Standoff will air succeeding 'Triumph II' on September 9th @9:30. --- Brother's Keeper will air succeeding 'Always' on September 23rd @ 8:30. --- Wong Jing's production will be a modern drama. Liza Wang, Hawick Lau & Edwin Siu are part of the principal cast. Wayne Lai & Selena Li will guest star. --- Natalie Tong will join Wayne/Louisa/Elaine in their upcoming Fong Chun Chiu series. --- Jason Chan will film "The Middle Person". --- Kwan Wing Chung will start production on a modern series in October. Joyce Tang is confirmed.

7/15/13: Aerobic Girls had its blessing ceremony/costume fitting yesterday. Please view post below for pictures. Eliza Sam will also film this. --- "Love Message" will hold its costume fitting tomorrow July 16th. Tony Hung & Vincent Wong added to the cast --- The Michael/Bosco series will actually film in August. Chong Wai Kin is the producer. Sharon Chan joins the cast. --- "Vinegar Lady" will start production in November. Producer is Poon Ka Tak. Myolie Wu is confirmed to film. --- Inbound Troubles II is scheduled to film in March 2014. Hins Cheung may take part. --- Amy Wong's upcoming series is tentatively called "The Middle Person" 忠奸人. Matt Yeung and Kiki Sheung will join this series. --- Nelson Cheung will produce a light-hearted series in November. Joey Meng confirmed to take part. --- Liza Wang is slated to film a series in October.

7/8/13: Roger Kwok is confirmed to join the new Amy Wong series. --- Michael Miu and Bosco Wong will film a new series in September. --- Wong Jing's new series is slated to begin production in August.

6/23/13: Amy Wong will produce a new MODERN series in August. Confirmed cast so far include Ron Ng and Kristal Tin. --- "Aerobic Girls" main cast has been revealed this past week. The 7 leading ladies are Flora Chan, Carman Lee, Loletta Lee, Angie Cheong, Gloria Yip, Fennie Yuen & Elvina Kong. Lawrence Ng, Koo Ming Wah and Joe Tay are among the male stars. --- Elaine Yiu will film the new Fong Chun Chiu series after "Love Message".

6/18/13: Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Elaine Yiu are confirmed to film a new modern Andy Chan series in July. The tentative title is "Please Leave a Love Message" (愛我請留言). --- Karma Rider is scheduled to air on July 15 @ 8:30 succeeding Awfully Lawful. Triumph in the Skies II is scheduled to air on July 15 @9:30 succeeding A Change of Heart. Always & Ever is confirmed to air August 12 taking the place of Karma Rider. --- Lawrence Ng announced he will be filming a TVB series in January 2014. --- Eddie Kwan will be filming one of the new July series. --- Wayne Lai and Louisa So will be filming a new Fong Chun Chiu series in September.

3/31/13: The Hong Kong Filmart Festival was held recently with TVB releasing a list containing the confirmed english titles to their series. They are as follow - 'Always & Ever' for "情逆三世緣", 'Outbound Love' for "單戀雙城", 'No Reserve' for "巾幗梟雄之諜血長天", 'Sniper Standoff' for "神槍狙擊2013", 'Awfully Lawful' for " 法網囂雄", 'Slow Boat Home' for "情越海岸線", 'Karma Rider' for "師父‧明白了". --- "Granny Goosebumps" changed its chinese title to "舌劍上的公堂" or temporarily called "Blades of Justice". --- Kate Tsui, Louis Yuen, Elena Kong & Benz Hui join Man Wai Hung's series in April. --- Producer Leung Choi Yuen's pre-modern countryside drama is now called "守業者" or "Sustaining the Foundation". Bobby Au-Yueng pulled out of the series due to health problems, it now stars Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Maggie Siu, Evergreen Mak & Natalie Tong. --- Kenneth Ma is confirmed to star in "The Assassins of Cold Mountain". --- Michelle Yim, Bosco Wong & Eliza Sam are confirmed to film a new modern drama some time in May. --- Linda Chung, Him Law, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo & Koo Ming Wah are confirmed to join "Tiger Cubs II". --- Producer Joe Chan is putting together a series temporarily called "Aerobic Girls" about three sisters, Flora Chan is still in talks, Lawrence Ng is confirmed to film this. Production will start some time in Late June/July. --- Kevin Cheng will film an Amy Wong series some time in 2014.

2/12/13: "The Hippocratic Crush II" had their costume fitting on January 30th, please scroll for pictures and series information. --- Lee Yim Fong's new series is now temporarily called "疙瘩老娘" or "Granny Goosebumps". --- Producer Wong Wai Sing has announced a sequel and movie to the highly popular series "Inbound Troubles". This series will try to gather the same cast, so they will remain for now unless stated later on. "Inbound Troubles II" is said to start production by the end of the year. --- Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Power Chan, Raymond Cho & Edwin Siu will star in an ancient series by the end of the year. The highly popular five eunuchs of Anniversary Drama "The Confidant" have stated that it will be a completely new story.

1/26/13: "The Art of Eatery" has just had a major cast reshuffle. Raymond Lam, Ron Ng & Linda Chung have all pulled out of the series due to schedule conflicts and vacation time. Joey Meng, Ben Wong, Louis Cheung & Bob Lam are said to take part in this series instead. --- Lee Yim Fong's Qing dynasty series is confirmed to star Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin, Priscilla Wong & Evergreen Mak, production has been pushed forward to February. --- Steven Ma may return to film a series for Producer Leung Choi Yuen in April/May, he is currently still in talks with the terms and conditions. --- Selena Li joins "The Assassins of Cold Mountain". --- Oscar Leung joins "Tiger Cubs II". --- 2012 Warehoused series "Sergeant Tabloid" is confirmed to air succeeding "Season of Love" on March 11. The replacement series to be aired overseas is yet to be determined. --- "A Great Way to Care II" is confirmed to air succeeding "Reality Check" on March 18.

1/14/13: "Seasonal Love" is now confirmed to be called "Season of Love". --- "The Hearts Pathway GPS" is now officially called "Reality Check". --- "Monstrous Ride" is now confirmed to be "Brother's Keeper". --- "Love & Law" is now officially named "Will Power". --- "One-Sided Love Story" will start filming in late January therefore it will finish up in April. --- Koo Ming Wah & Tracy Chu (Miss HK 2nd Runner Up 2012) are confirmed to join "The Hippocratic Crush II". --- In February, Producer Wong Wai Sing will start production on the series "食為奴" or "The Art Of Eatery", this series was featured in last years TVB Sales Presentation. Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Wong Cho Lam & Nancy Wu are confirmed to take part however Raymond Lam was originally said to be confirmed but is now in talks due to concert preparations and a mainland series offer. --- Leung Choi Yuen's series starring Bobby Au-Yeung has a start date in April. --- Dayo Wong's return to TVB is confirmed to be in April, Producer Man Wai Hung is still preparing the script and rumour has it that it may be a sequel to the highly popular 2010 series "You're Hired". So far Sharon Chan & Jazz Lam are confirmed to join the series with Dayo Wong. --- Producer Lam Chi Wah has confirmed that he is preparing the sequel to the highly popular 2012 G4 series "Tiger Cubs" in June, Joe Ma is said to take part.

12/20/12: Coverage for the 45th TVB Anniversary Awards have now concluded, please scroll below for the posts or refer to icons to read reviews, thoughts and coverage. --- Love & Law held its blessing ceremony on December 12, please scroll for more series details or refer to icon above. --- Producer Marco Law is confirmed to film "The Assassins of Cold Mountain". --- "Seasonal Love" (temp title) is confirmed to air succeeding "Inbound Troubles" on February 11. --- "The Hearts Pathway GPS" (temp title) is confirmed to air succeeding "The Day of Days" on February 18.

12/6/12: "The Sniper" will be holding its costume fitting tomorrow, please see below for pictures and series info. Eliza Sum, Nathan Ngai and others are confirmed to take part. --- Ruco Chan is confirmed to star in "One Sided Love Story". --- Kevin Cheng will return to TVB to film a series in January. --- "My Cousin Is The Best" is now officially called "Inbound Troubles" and is scheduled to air succeeding "Missing You" on January 14. --- "Fifth Day Revelation" is now called "The Day of Days" and is scheduled to air after "Friendly Fire" on January 21. --- "A Good Heart Turns Uncanny" is now officially called "A Change of Heart". --- TVB's Sales Presentation clip "食為奴" or "The Art of Eatery" is confirmed to start production in February. Raymond Lam, Ron Ng & Nancy Wu are confirmed to take part. --- TVB's Sales Presentation clip "寒山潛龍" or "The Assassins of Cold Mountain" is confirmed to start production in May. Aimee Chan is confirmed to take part.

15/11/12: "Ferris To Happiness" is now officially called "Missing You", this series is confirmed to air succeeding "Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles". --- "The Stirke of Justice" is now officially called "Friendly Fire", this series will air succeeding "The Confidant". --- Louisa So will join "The Hippocratic Crush II". --- Stay tuned to TVB: A Way of Thinking because we will be covering all the major TVB Events in the two months!!

10/25/12: TVB has promoted Andy Chan Yiu Chun (陳耀全) to the role of producer. Andy Chan will produce a new series called "師父明白了" or "A Masters Understanding", the series held its costume fitting today, please scroll for further details and photos. Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak, Yoyo Chen, Kaki Leung, Cilla Kung and others join the cast. --- Mandy Wong & Rebecca Zhu join the cast of "Three Eras of Fated Love". --- Tsui Ching Hong's series is now called "傳愛事務所" or "Love & Law". Maggie Shiu & Sonija Kwok both refused the role for other commitments hence Christine Ng has taken upon the role, Sire Ma & Susan Tse also join the cast. --- Kate Tsui & Alice Chan are confirmed to film "The Sniper". --- Eliza Sam, Benjamin Yuen & Candy Chang are said to film "The Hippocratic Crush II" next year.

10/9/12: Lam Chi Wah's series is called "法網囂雄" or "The Arrogance of Justice". The costume fitting for this series will be held on October 16, filming begins in November, veteran actress Helena Law joins the cast. --- Chong Wai Kin's new series is called "情逆三世緣" or "Three Eras of Fated Love", JJ Jia joins the cast. --- Maggie Siu, Fala Chen, Jason Chan, Elliot Yue & King Sir join Tsui Ching Hong's new legal drama. --- Kwan Wing Chung will produce a new modern police force drama in December called "神槍狙擊2013" or "The Sniper". Eddie Chung, Kathy Chow & Michael Tse are confirmed to take part. --- Natalie Tong & Sire Ma are confirmed to film "Rosy Business III". --- Bobby Au-Yueng has confirmed that he will film a series produced by Leung Choi Yuen some time next year. --- Dayo Wong has confirmed that he will film a series for Tsui Ching Hong next year.

9/24/12: "Monstrous Ride" & "Fifth Day Revelation" recently held its costume fitting recently, please scroll to see series info & pictures. --- Roger Kwok, Joyce Tang, Johnson Lee & Raymond Cho join Lam Chi Wah's modern series in October. --- Esther Kwan, Ben Wong & Pierre Ngo join Chong Wai Kin's grand production drama in November. The series revolves around three eras and their stories. --- Anniversary Series "The Confidant" is confirmed to air succeeding "Highs and Lows" on November 5. --- Lee Tim Sing has called his new drama "Rosy Business III", saying that he is using the franchise name but with a refreshing love story. Myolie Wu & Edwin Siu join the cast. --- Eric Tsang & Andy Lau are currently working on a script for TVB. Eric has announced that the series will be modern, will star Andy Lau as the lead and the script should be finished by the end of 2012. Filming should commence some time in 2013.

9/4/12:"Come Home Love" has now extended its production to an extra 120episodes, filming will now continue through to early 2013. --- Leung Choi Yuen's series is temporarily called "初五啟市錄" or "Fifth Day Revelation", this series will hold its costume fitting tomorrow September 5th. --- Amy Wong's new modern drama is called "巨輪" or "Monstrous Ride". Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen & Louis Cheung join this series whereas Moses Chan has pulled out in order to join another series. --- Anniversary Series "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" is confirmed to air succeeding "The Last Steep Ascent" on October 22. --- Bobby Au-Yeung joins Chong Wai Kin's grand production pre-modern drama. --- Tsui Ching Hong will produce a 30episode grand production legal drama, Moses Chan will join this series. --- Lee Tim Sing denied that his new drama in March 2013 will be a "Rosy Business III", he instead stated that he will ask Wayne Lai to join the series and that he is still thinking about the era and other possible cast members.

8/15/12: Nelson Cheung's new series is now temporarily called "好心作怪" or "A Good Heart Turns Uncanny". This series held its costume fitting a few days ago, please see below for photos. --- Sonija Kwok & Lin Xia Wei join Leung Choi Yuen's new series in September. --- Moses Chan joins Amy Wong's new modern series. --- Producer Lam Chi Wah will start production on a new modern series in October, so far Sharon Chan & Selena Li are confirmed to film the series. --- "Highs and Lows" is confirmed to air succeeding "Divas in Distress" on September 24. --- Chong Wai Kin should be starting production on his new pre-modern drama in November. --- Tommy Leung's new producer Au Koon Ying will be working alongside Joe Chan on "Triumph in the Skies II". --- Catherine Tsang's new producer Tsui Ching Hong will be working on a new series to start production in November, Wayne Lai is confirmed to take part. --- Film director Wong Jing has revealed that he is in talks with TVB to produce a family drama in collaboration with Mainland China. So far, he has considered casting film queen Deanie Yip, Kenneth Ma, Harwick Law & Kimmie Tong.

8/1/12: Producer Amy Wong will produce a new modern drama in September starring Ruco Chan, Krystal Tin & Linda Chung. --- Sunny Chan & Raymond Wong are said to star in Producer Leung's pre-modern comedy in September. --- Nelson Cheung's new series is temporarily called "一切從心開始" or "It All Starts With The Heart". Niki Chow, Vincent Wong & Benz Hui join the grand production. --- "A Chip Off The Old Block II" is now officially called "Divas in Distress". --- Producer Chong Wai Kin is preparing another pre-modern drama to start production by the end of the year.

7/31/12: "Triumph in the Skies II" held its costume fitting and blessing ceremony on July 23rd, see below for photos and series info. --- "A Great Way To Care II" held its costume fitting on July 26th, see below for photos and series info. --- "A Chip Off The Old Block II" is confirmed to air succeeding "Ghetto Justice II" on August 27th. --- "The Last Steep Ascent" will air succeeding "King Maker" on September 17.

7/18/12: Returning early 90's TVB Producer Lee Yim Fong returns to produce new series "心路GPS" or "The Hearts Pathway GPS". Ruco Chan, Louise Lee, Evergreen Mak, Priscilla Wong, Kaki Leung and others will star in Producer Lee's comeback production. The costume fitting was held recently, see below for photos and info. --- Toby Leung joins the star cast in "Triumph in the Skies II", the series will hold a media conference today, the official costume fitting will be held later in the month. --- Joey Meng & Bosco Wong will join Nelson Cheung's grand production in September. --- Producer Leung Choi Yuen is preparing a pre-modern comedy to start production in September.

6/21/12: Him Law joins the stellar cast in "Triumph in the Skies II". --- Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung, Yoyo Mung, Edwin Siu & Ram Tseung are all confirmed to star in "A Great Way To Care II". The sequel will link forensic services, law enforcement & justice to the psychiatric drama. Kate Tsui & Raymond Wong will not participate in the sequel due to work schedules & filming breaks. --- Sources have indicated that Ruco Chan's July series may be produced by a returning producer rather than a promoted producer. --- Bobby Au-Yueng will film a series for TVB by the end of the year. --- "My Cousin Is The Best" held its costume fitting today, filming pictures and information will be posted soon.

6/12/12: Hong Kong singer songwriter Louis Cheung (Gei Chung) will star in "My Cousin is The Best". --- Elena Kong & Nancy Wu join the cast of "Triumph in the Skies II". --- Ruco Chan will star in a new series in July, the series will be produced by a upcoming New TVB Producer. --- Producer Marco Law will start production in mid-July on a sequel to his 2009 Production "A Great Way to Care". It's said that Aimee Chan, Ben Wong & KK Cheung are confirmed to film this drama so far, leads Alex Fong & Kate Tsui are not yet confirmed. --- Producer Nelson Cheung is currently preparing a new 30episode drama series which is said to start production in September. The producer wishes to place together new faces and collaborations and so far, Michael Miu is confirmed to take part. --- "Ghetto Justice II" is confirmed to air succeeding "Witness Insecurity" on July 30. --- "King Maker" is confirmed to air after "Three Kingdoms RPG" on August 13.

6/11/12: "Detective Columbo", "Ferris To Happiness" & Seasonal Love" all held their costume fittings in May, please see below for more details and pictures. "The Strike of Justice" blessing ceremony/fitting will be updated soon. --- Producer Fong Chun Chiu will be under Catherine Tsang's production line whereas Producer Man Wai Hung will be apart of Tommy Leung's production line. --- "Witness Insecurity" is confirmed to air succeeding "Master of Play" on July 2. --- "Three Kingdoms RPG" will be aired succeeding "No Good Either Way" on July 9. --- Kate Tsui has pulled out of filming "Triumph in the Skies II". The series has confirmed that filming locations include England, France & Taiwan.

4/29/12:"The Chok Crew" is now officially called "衝呀!瘦薪兵團" or "No Good Either Way". ---"The Strike of Justice" has commenced filming but the costume fitting is yet to be held due to other main cast schedules. Updates will be provided on twitter about the exact date. ---- "Detective Columbo" will hold its costume fitting on May 2nd, Ngo Ka Nin joins the cast. --- Producer Kwan Wing Chung will produce a 20 episode new modern series in May starring Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Him Law & Vincent Wong. --- TVB Director Fong Chun Chiu (方駿釗) has been promoted by TVB as its new TVB Producer. Producer Fong has been assigned to produce Linda Chung's new modern series in May. --- Angela Tong & Songbird Ivana Wong (Yuen Zi) join the cast of "My Cousin Is The Best". --- Chilam Cheung is confirmed to film "Triumph in the Skies II". It has been confirmed by Francis Ng & Ron Ng that filming for the series will commence in July. --- Flora Chan is said to commence work in September. --- Lawrence Ng has confirmed that he will take part in a medical drama in February 2013, it is assumed that it will most likely be "The Hippocratic Crush II".

4/28/12: "Seaside Love" held its costume fitting & blessing ceremony on April 13, please scroll to see cast info and pictures, veteran actors Elliot Yue & Susan Tse joined the cast. --- "Love at Home" is now officially called "Come Home Love" and is confirmed to air succeeding "Til Love Do Us Lie" on May 14. --- "A War of The Heart" is now officially called "Master of Play" and is confirmed to air on May 21 succeeding "Gloves Come Off". --- "No Good Either Way" will air on June 11 succeeding "House of Harmony and Vengeance". --- "Tiger Cubs" is confirmed to air on June 24 once a week every sunday night for 13weeks.

3/31/12: "A Chip Off The Old Block II" held its costume fitting on March 22, please scroll below to view photos. --- Sire Ma joins the cast of "Detective Columbo". --- Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan, Johnson Lee, Mandy Wong, Oscar Leung, Sammy Leung & Grace Wong join the cast of "The Strike of Justice", many actors will only be guest starring on a case in the series. --- Matt Yeung, Elaine Yiu, Oceane Zhu, Cilla Kung, Janet Chow, Lily Ho, Eric Li & Matthew Ko join the cast of "Seaside Love", the costume fitting of this series will be held some time this week. --- Producer Wong Wai Sing will produce Wong Cho Lam's scripted modern comedy. Cast includes Roger Kwok, Wong Cho Lam, Former ATV Actress Joey Meng (Yee Man) & Former Movie Star Tommy Wong (Kwong Leung). The series is temporarily called, "My Cousin is The Best" or "老表你好嘢". --- Popular medical drama "The Hippocratic Crush" is confirmed to film a sequel some time at the end of 2012 or early 2013. The original cast are said to take part.

3/11/12: "War and Beauty II" held its costume fitting on February 26, please scroll to view photos, cast info and series info. --- "Love at Home" held its costume fitting on March 6, please view below to see photos, cast info and series info. --- Natalie Tong & Edwin Siu join the cast of "Detective Columbo". --- Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee & Samantha Ko join the cast of "The Strike of Justice". --- Selena Li & Aimee Chan join the cast of "Seaside Love". --- "Policewoman's Battlefield of Love" is now officially called "Sergeant Tabloid" and will start airing on April 2 in the Overseas market. --- "Boxing Champion" is now officially called "Gloves Come Off", this series is confirmed to air succeeding "Daddy Good Deeds" on April 16. --- "House of Harmony and Vengeance" is scheduled to air succeeding "The Greatness of a Hero" on April 30. --- Joe Chan will be the producer of "Triumph in the Skies II", Chilam Cheung is still in talks with executives about taking part, Bosco Wong & Raymond Lam will not film this series due to schedule clashes, however, Bosco Wong would like to guest star. --- Linda Chung will film a new modern series in May. --- Roger Kwok will film a new modern series in June. --- "ATF Defection" is now officially called "Ruse of Engagement". --- "Return to Three Kingdoms" is now officially called "Three Kingdoms RPG (Role Playing Game)".

2/23/12: Eddie Kwan, Rachel Kan and Wai Ka Hung join the cast of "War and Beauty II". --- The casting for new modern sitcom "Love at Home" include Lau Dan, Tsui Wing, Lai Lok Yi, Florence Kwok, Queenie Chu, Becky Lee, Angel Chiang, Carlo Ng, Raymond Chiu, Joey Law etc. This series is scheduled to air on May 14 but the date of costume fitting and filming is yet to be determined. --- Michael Tse is confirmed to take part in "the Strike of Justice". --- Warehoused 2009 ancient series "The Greatness of a Hero" produced by Leung Choi Yuen in 2008 is set to air succeeding "Queens of Diamonds and Hearts" on April 2. --- Wong Cho Lam will star in his own autobiographical series in June.

2/16/12: "Daddy Good Deeds" is confirmed to air succeeding "the Hippocratic Crush" on March 19. --- "War and Beauty II" held its internal costume fitting yesterday. Tracy Ip, Christine Kuo & Katy Kung join the cast while Alice Chan will guest star. Production officially starts in March. --- "A Chip Off The Old Block II" will start production some time in March, Gigi Wong joins the cast. --- Producer Leung Choi Yuen's new modern drama is an in-direct sequel to 2010's hit drama "When Lanes Merge" called "情越海岸線" or "Seaside Love". Ruco Chan joins the cast and filming has been pushed forward to April. --- Though there has been speculations that Ron Ng would be focusing on mainland productions mid-year 2012, it is confirmed that Ron will take part in "Triumph in the Skies II" in May/June. --- The official chinese title for "ATF反恐" is "叛逃" or "ATF Defection".

2/5/12: "The Protector" is now officially called "Witness Insecurity". --- Charmaine Sheh has pulled out of "War and Beauty II" due to schedule delays in her mainland drama. --- Producer Tsui Yue On's new sitcom is called "愛.回家" or "Love at Home". --- TVB Productions Scriptwriter Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻) will be promoted to the role of TVB Producer, his first series will be a modern drama "法網追擊" or "The Strike of Justice". This series will star former ATV Actress Alice Chan, production starts in April. --- Liza Wang, Him Law & Mandy Wong are the first few actors confirmed to take part in "A Chip Off The Old Block II".

1/17/12: "Fight Crime" will have it's costume fitting tomorrow Jan. 18. Ella Koon and MC Jin will film this. --- "The Hippocratic Crush" is scheduled to air succeeding "L'Escargot" on February 13. --- "Palace Schemes of the East and West" is officially titled "Queens of Diamonds and Hearts". It is scheduled to air succeeding "Let It Be Love" on Feb. 27. --- Krystal Tin and Natalie Tong will film "The Chok Crew". --- Elaine Yiu and Kenny Wong are confirmed to film "War & Beauty II". --- Poon Ka Tak is preparing for a new series called "媽不得媽媽" or "A Chip Off the Old Block II". --- Leung Choi Yuen has stated that Raymond Wong will be the lead in his new June series. He is currently looking for a fresh lead actress and additional cast members.

1/4/12: Let It Be Love is scheduled to air succeeding "Wish and Switch" on Jan. 30. --- New Amy Wong series with Ruco Chan is named Chok氣一族. It will now be referred to as "The Chok Crew". --- "Fight Crime" is now confirmed to include Elaine Ng, Kate Tsui and Ben Wong. Ella Koon stated that she will film a series as a cop in January so it will most likely be this series. Lam Chi Wah will be the producer. --- Natalie Tong will film a new series in January, TBD if it's "FC" or "Chok". --- Christine Ng will join "War and Beauty II". ---Francis Ng is scheduled to film Triumph in the Skies II. Chilam Cheung is awaiting the script to decide. Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui and Rebecca Zhu are confirmed to film this as well. --- The upcoming TVB-CCTV collab series with Kevin Cheng is named 萬水千山風雨情 and will now be referred to as "Love & Passion".

12/12/11: "The Great Eunuch" should be holding their blessing & costume ceremony some time this month, it has been delayed once again due to scheduling and costumes however they have held two internal fittings, Selena Li joins the cast as a guest star, filming will stretch through till March 2012. --- Raymond Lam is confirmed to join the cast of "Fight Crime" in February. --- MC Jin will be filming a new modern drama after Chinese New Year, he has confirmed that it will be one of the two dramas lined up in February. --- TVB will be collaborating with mainland china's CCTV station in 2012, dates are not yet confirmed but Kevin Cheng has confirmed to take part.

12/2/11: "Exchanging Happiness" is now officially called "Wish and Switch", this series is confirmed to air succeeding "When Heaven Burns" on January 3. --- Producer Amy Wong will be producing a new modern comedy in February, Ruco Chan is said to take part. --- "Fight Crime" will now start production in February. --- "War and Beauty II" has been pushed to start production in March. --- Producer Tsui Yue On will start a new modern sit-com in March. --- Producer Leung Choi Yuen is preparing a new modern drama to start production in the early hk summer around May-June.

12/1/11: "The Protector" held its costume fitting on November 21, please refer to the costume fitting icon for cast info and pictures. --- "Policewomen's Battlefield of Love" held its costume fitting on November 25, please see below for costume fitting pictures and character infos. Queenie Chu, Vincent Wong, Becky Lee & Benz Hui joined the cast. --- "The Grand Family" is now referred to as "The Aristocratic Family", Rebecca Zhu was confirmed by Tommy Leung to take Fala Chen's role. "The Aristocratic Family" held its costume fitting on November 29, see below for character infos and pictures. Vincent Wong & Mary Hon joined the cast. --- Aimee Chan, Natalie Tong, Raymond Cho, Power Chan & Chung King Fai join the cast of "The Great Eunuch", Ruco Chan has pulled out this series. The costume fitting for this series has been delayed due to costume issues, it will start production in early December.

11/19/11:"The Story of Miss Cool" will hold its costume fitting on November 21, Paul Chun, Queenie Chu, Ram Tseung, Savio Tsang and others join the cast, the chinese title is now temporarily called, "護花危情" or "The Protector". --- Fala Chen has pulled out of "The Grand Family" due to health problems, her replacement is yet to be revealed. --- Mandy Wong, Grace Wong & Candice Chiu join the cast of "Policewomen's Battlefield of Love". --- Edwin Siu joins the cast of "The Great Eunuch". --- "Drug Raiders" is now temporarily called "Fight Crime". --- "On-Call for 36Hours" is now temporarily called "The Hippocratic Crush". --- "Dancers of Perpetual Peace" is now temporarily called "House of Harmony and Vengeance". --- "4 in Love" is now temporarily called "Let It Be Love". --- "Flying Tigers" is temporarily called "Tiger Cubs". --- "Lucky Father" is now temporarily called "Daddy Good Deeds". --- "Making a King" is now temporarily called "King Maker".

11/14/11: "The Grand Family" will hold its costume fitting on November 22nd, JJ Jia will join the cast. --- "Policewoman's Academy" has changed its chinese name to "女警愛作戰" or "Policewomen's Battlefield of Love", the costume fitting will be at the end of November. --- Nancy Wu joins the cast of "The Great Eunuch" --- "Dwellings of Men & Women" is now officially called "L'Escargot", this series will air succeeding "Bottled Passion" on January 3. --- "A War of The Heart" (temp title) is said to air succeeding "When Heaven Burns" on January 3.

10/23/11: New modern Lau Ka Ho series is temporarily renamed "Miss Cool 外傳" or "The Story of Miss Cool". --- "Policewoman's Academy" will start production in December, Niki Chow has been selected to replace Anita Yuen as Anita had schedule conflicts and could not take part, Matthew Ko also joins the cast. Producer Nelson Cheung has revealed that this series will be a comedic police story surrounding women and their lives in the police workforce. --- "The Great Eunuch" will start production in December, Maggie Cheung & Ruco Chan join the cast, production will run through till February, filming locations will be in China & Hong Kong. --- "My Cruel Lover" is now officially renamed to "Bottled Passion", this series will air succeeding "Curse of the Royal Harem" on December 6.

10/11/11: "Ghetto Justice II" held its costume fitting on October 6, please see below for photos, series information and new cast additions. Tommy Leung will join Joe Chan as producer. --- Michael Miu will star in a new modern series in January called "雷霆掃毒" or "Drug Raiders", this series will be featured in the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation but other cast members are yet to be confirmed. --- Producer Lee Tim Sing will film "神探哥倫布" or "Detective Columbo" in April 2012 instead of the proposed "Rosy Business III". This series will also be featured in the 2012 TVB Sales Presentation, Wayne Lai is confirmed to film this series. --- TVB are currently filming a number of TVB Sales Presentation clips with unconfirmed cast members, therefore we will only update cast members and series information when it is more confirmed.

10/2/11: "Steps to Heaven" held its costume fitting on September 19, please see below for photos and series information. --- "Queen of All" is now officially renamed to "Curse of the Royal Harem". --- Elena Kong will take part in "Ghetto Justice II". ---"What Lies in Marriage & Separation" is now officially called "Til Love Do Us Lie". --- "When Heaven Burns" will air on November 21 succeeding "Forensic Heroes III". --- Maggie Siu joins the cast of "The Big Eunuch". --- Cilla Kung will take part in Lau Ka Ho's modern series. --- Tavia Yeung, Elena Kong & Sire Ma will film "The Grand Family" --- Ada Choi is very likely to take part in "War and Beauty II". --- Producer Nelson Cheung is preparing for a series based on an undercover policewoman called "女警雄心" or "Policewoman's Academy", Anita Yuen is in talks with tvb and is unconfirmed. Michael Tse, William Chak & Oceane Zhu will take part in this series.

9/13/11: "What Lies in Marriage & Separation" consists of 120episodes and will hold its costume fitting tomorrow at TVB City; Susan Tse, Joel Chan, Charmaine Li, Angelea Tong and others join the cast. --- JJ Jia joins the cast of "Ghetto Justice II" --- Raymond Wong will take part in "The Great Eunuch" in November. --- If all goes according to schedule, Sheren Tang will participate in "War and Beauty II" next year. --- "Rosy Business III" is postponed indefinitely due to script writer Cheung Wah Biu's decline in returning to tvb next year. --- "樂府藏龍" or "Music Bureau's Concealed Dragon" is now temporarily renamed "耀舞長安" or "Dancers of Perpetual Peace".

9/6/11: "Palace Schemes of the East & West" held its costume & blessing ceremony yesterday, please see below for photos and series information. --- "Steps to Heaven" will hold its costume fitting on September 20, Katy Kung joins the cast. --- "The Queen of Queens" is now officially called "The Queen of All". --- "The Great Eunuch" is now officially confirmed to start production in November, Wayne Lai is confirmed to film this series and Marco Law is the producer. --- Producer Lau Ka Ho has planned a new modern drama based on popular character "Carmen Koo" or "Miss Koo" from "Yes Sir, Sorry Sir" in November, Linda Chung will reprise her role and Bosco Wong will play her bodyguard. --- Tavia Yeung will film a period/ancient drama in November. --- Sheren Tang will either film "War and Beauty II" or "Rosy Business III" depending on schedule and her role. --- "The Other Truth II" is confirmed to film some time in 2012, original leads Tavia Yeung, Ruco Chan & Raymond Wong are confirmed, Amy Wong is the producer.

8/28/11: "What Lies in Marriage & Separation" is set to air on October 31 succeeding "Be Home for Dinner". --- Chong Wai Kin's period drama is now called "名媛望族" or "The Grand Family", the series is now confirmed to start shooting in November and will consist of 40episodes. This drama will centralize around 'the family' and will be set in the 1920-1930's. Filming will take place from November till March; Damien Lau, Idy Chan, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma & Fala Chen are confirmed to take part. --- "Triumph in the Skies II" is delayed yet again till March/April 2012 due to budget matters and airline sponsorship issues.

8/24/11: TVB's 45th Lighting Ceremony will be held on October 3. --- "Solving Cases with Liza & 3 Gods" is now officially called "Super Snoops". --- "Super Snoops" is confirmed to air after "River and Wine" on October 3. --- "The Queen of All Queens" is confirmed to air succeeding "Super Snoops" on October 31. --- Producer Miu Siu Ching is currently planning for another ancient grand production to follow the success of "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" & "Can't Buy Me Love".

8/18/11: "Making a King" held its costume fitting the other day, see below for photos and series information. --- "Palace Schemes of the East & West" will hold its costume fitting in the next few days, Louis Yuen, Raymond Cho, Yoyo Chen, Ben Wong, Oscar Leung & Koni Lui will film this series. --- Kara Hui will be taking part in "Steps to Heaven" in September. --- TVB has announced its Three Anniversary Series being "Forensic Heroes III", "Solving Cases with Liza and 3 Gods" & "The Queen of All Queens". --- "Forensic Heroes III" is confirmed to air after "Men With No Shadows" on October 10. --- Charmaine Sheh is the first confirmed artist to take part in "War and Beauty II".

8/10/11: Lucky Father "當旺爸爸" held its costume fitting today, see below for photos and series information. --- Krystal Tin joins the cast of "Making A King", the costume fitting will be held on August 16. --- Lee Tim Sing's new series is now called "天梯" or "Steps to Heaven", Joel Chan joins the cast, production starts at the end of September. --- October's New Sitcom is now called "結.分@謊程式" or "What Lies in Marriage & Separation", Eddie Cheung, Hanjin Chan, Lin Xia Wei join the cast, Kwan Wing Chung will produce this series.

8/9/11:"War and Beauty II" is scheduled to start filming in February 2012, Jonathon Chik will produce this series. Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan & Kenny Wong are being considered to take part but it will all depend on the artistes' work schedule. --- "Rosy Business III" will start production in April 2012, Lee Tim Sing will produce this series and Cheung Wah Biu will return as script writer. Wayne Lai is the only confirmed cast so far.

8/2/11: "Exchanging Happiness" held its costume fitting today, see below for photos and series information. --- Lai Lok Yi, Elaine Yiu & Patrick Tang are confirmed to take part in "Make A King". --- Raymond Wong will film a new series in August, it is likely to be one of the three series lined up for this month. --- KK Cheung will take part in Lee Tim Sing's period drama, he will have a love relationship with Aimee Chan. --- "Men With No Shadows" is confirmed to air succeeding "Lives of Omission" on September 12.

7/18/11: Lam Chi Wah's modern series is temporarily called "換樂無窮" or "Exchanging Happiness". This series will have its costume fitting on August 2nd. --- Wong Wai Sing is the producer of "Palace Schemes of the East & West". --- Edwin Siu & Benjamin Yuen are confirmed to take part in Lee Tim Sing's grand production series in September, Moses & Maggie will have a romantic relationship whereas Aimee will have a separate love line.

7/14/11: Lam Chi Wah's series has added Johnson Lee & Vincent Wong to the cast, it will be a modern supernatural drama about the soul switching of two women. --- "12 Workshops of Jiujiang" is now officially called "River and Wine", this series is confirmed to air succeeding "The Life and Times of a Sentinel", therefore "The Dwellings of Men & Women" will be aired at a later date to be determined by tvb. --- Roger Kwok's new series will start in August and is now temporarily called "東西宮略" or "Palace Schemes of the East & West". This series is based on an ancient classic chinese tale about Chung Mo Yim & Ha Ying Chun, Fala Chen & Sharon Chan are confirmed to play these roles respectively, Roger Kwok will play an Emperor. --- Lee Tim Sing's series will be a 30episode period drama, Aimee Chan has been added to the cast. --- Kiki Sheung & Joyce Tang will start filming TVB's New Sitcom in October.

7/5/11: Producer Lee Tim Sing's series in September has confirmed to cast Moses Chan and Maggie Cheung. --- "Triumph in the Skies II" has been rescheduled to start filming in December due to sponsor and artist schedule issues. Kenneth Ma, Bosco Wong, Fala Chen, Kate Tsui and Nancy Wu will most likely film this series.

6/28/11: Kiki Sheung will be filming a new series in July, it looks likely to be Lam Chi Wah's modern series. --- "Thunder From Within The Palace" is now officially called "The Life and Times of a Sentinel", this series will consist of 26episodes. --- Linda Chung will be playing a CID police officer in "Lucky Father". --- "Triumph in the Skies II" is scheduled to start filming in October.

6/22/11: "On-Call for 36 Hours" held its costume fitting yesterday, see below for photos and series information. "On Call 36小時" is the confirmed chinese title for this series. --- "Lives of Omission" is confirmed to air succeeding "The Other Truth" on August 1. --- "Dwellings of Men & Women" is set to air succeeding "Thunder From Within The Palace" on August 29.

6/20/11: "On-Call for 36 Hours" will have its costume fitting tomorrow June 21, this series consists of 25episodes. Mandy Wong, Derek Kwok and Raymond Cho will join Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Him Law and Benjamin Yuen at the costume fitting tomorrow. --- "Dwellings of Men & Women" will most likely air succeeding "The Other Truth" on August 1. --- Miu Siu Ching's modern series is now referred to as "當旺爸爸" or "Lucky Father". --- "Ghetto Justice" is confirmed to film a sequel in October, the original cast plus new additions will film this legal genre. TVB Director Chan Wai Koon will produce this series. --- Fala Chen will be filming a new series after "Lives of Omission".

6/11/11: "Return To Three Kingdoms" is confirmed to consist of 25episodes. --- Benjamin Yuen is confirmed to film "On-Call for 36 Hours", he will be playing an intern specialist doctor. The costume fitting for this series should be within the next week as filming will start before the end of June. --- "Thunder From Within The Palace" is set to air succeeding "Wax & Wane" on July 25. --- Natalie Tong is confirmed to film "Making A King" in August. --- Roger Kwok will be filming a new series in September, it looks to be Lee Tim Sing's new series that will start in September.

6/10/11: "ATF Counter Terrorism Unit" is confirmed to consist of 25episodes. --- Leung Choi Yuen's ancient drama is now referred to as "造王者" or "Making A King", it will be a grand production drama. Kent Cheng, Pierre Ngo, Kingdom Yuen and Florence Kwok are confirmed to film this drama with Wayne Lai in August. The series will be about two mentors (Kent & Wayne) whom scheme against each other in order to gain the trust of the prince (Pierre Ngo), Kingdom & Florence will play Queens within the palace. --- Ron Ng and Myolie Wu are the next confirmed artists to participate in "Triumph in the Skies II", filming locations include China, Japan and Russia.

6/2/11: Lam Chi Wah will produce a new modern series in July. The cast members include Myolie Wu, Selena Li and Angela Tong.

5/31/11: As speculated, Producer Chik's regularly used artists Kenny Wong and Queenie Chu are confirmed to film "4 in Love", Queenie will play Kenny's first love. --- Him Law will star in a new series soon, since "On-Call for 36 Hours" is said to promote newcomers, Him will most likely participate in this series. --- Edwin Siu and Nancy Wu are now confirmed to film Miu Siu Ching's modern drama in August.

5/29/11: Michael Miu is the first confirmed artist that will star in Triumph in the Skies II. --- Producer Chong Wai Kin's upcoming series is said to be a period drama, the previous castings were only tabloid rumours, therefore are removed for now. --- "The Truth" is now officially called "The Other Truth" --- Ha Yu, Steven Ma and Linda Chung will be filming Miu Siu Ching's modern series in August.

5/27/11: "4 In Love" held its internal costume fitting today at tvb city, the official costume fitting will be held on June 3rd. Moses Chan, KK Cheung and Tracy Ip are now confirmed to star in this series, other cast members will be revealed in the coming week, Jonathon Chik is the producer. --- "Be Home For Dinner" will wrap up filming in August.

5/26/11: "Counter Terrorism Response Unit" is now referred to as "ATF反恐" or "ATF Counter Terrorism Unit", Yoyo Mung, Louise Lee, Eddie Kwan, Lai Lok Yi and Kenny Wong are now confirmed to film the series and will join Ron Ng, Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan at the costume fitting held today, please see below for pictures. --- Charmaine Sheh's new modern drama will be called "4 In Love", King Kong is confirmed to take part in this series and will film one of the sub-storylines. --- Mag Lam (The Voice Season 2 Winner) will be filming "On-Call for 36 Hours", the series aims to promote newcomers from The Voice and Mr. HK. --- "Sneak Attack" is now referred to as "Lives of Omission".

5/22/11: It has been reported that Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma will play the leading roles in "On-Call for 36 Hours", this series will be about medical interns. --- Susan Tse is said to film a series in July/August, rumour has it that it may be Miu Siu Ching's new modern drama in August. --- Producer Chong Wai Kin will be producing a modern family drama to be filmed some time at the end of the year, cast members are said to be Damien Lau, Sunny Chan, Anita Yuen and Kenix Kwok.

5/21/11: Ruco Chan and Aimee Chan are confirmed to film "Counter Terrorism Response Unit", other cast members will be revealed in the coming days. --- Producer Leung Choi Yuen has scheduled to start an ancient series in August, Wayne Lai is said to film this series. --- Producer Miu Siu Ching is currently organizing a new light-hearted drama, genre is yet to be determined but will most likely be a modern drama. --- Producer Lee Tim Sing will have a new series in September.

5/17/11: "The Truth" is scheduled to air succeeding "Ghetto Justice" on June 27. --- Raymond Lam has expressed that his schedule is full and therefore may not participate in Triumph in the Skies II at the end of the year.

5/11/11: Triumph in the Skies II is scheduled to film at the end of this year. TVB has considered Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Mag Lam and Cilla Kung to film this. Joe Ma shows interest as well. --- 'Reunion' is officially named Wax & Wane. --- Charmaine Sheh will film a modern series in June. --- Wayne Lai will film an ancient series in August. --- The costume fitting for 'Counter Terrorism' is set for May 26.

5/6/11: Ron Ng is confirmed to film an Amy Wong series in June after returning from Mainland. --- A new modern series about physicians called "On-Call for 36 Hours" produced by Poon Ka Tak will be filmed in June.

5/4/11: Alex Fong, Sonija Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Vincent Wong and Shirley Yeung have been stated to film "Counter Terrorism Response Unit" this month. --- 'Reunion' is scheduled to air June 13 succeeding 'Sister'. --- Cheung Kwok Keung stated that the costume fitting for 'Music Bureau' will be this Friday, May 6th.

5/1/11: Cheung Kwok Keung, Evergreen Mak, Sire Ma, Grace Wong, Yoyo Chen and Lee Yee Man will film 'Music Bureau'. --- Liu Xuan will film a new modern series in later half of the year. --- Kate Tsui will film a new series in October. --- Pierre Ngo has replaced Joel Chan as Sun Quan in 'Kingdoms'. --- Wayne Lai is confirmed to film a new series around July but it is unannounced whether it is 'Eunuch' or not.

4/18/11: Pierre Ngo and Angela Tong have joined the cast of "Music Bureau". --- Ghetto Justice is confirmed to air on May 30 succeeding 'Yes Sir'.

4/8/11: Alex Fong Chung-Sun will be the male lead in the upcoming Yoyo Mung series. --- Sharon Chan has joined the cast of '3 Kingdoms'. She will play Xiao Qiao, the wife of Zhou Yu (played by Ruco).

4/5/11: The upcoming Bobby/Myolie/Linda series will now be referred to as "The Music Bureau Conceals the Dragon". Moses will no longer film this series due to schedule conflicts. A replacement for Moses is yet to be announced.

3/30/11: The official title for 'Sister Fa' is My Sister of Eternal Flower.

3/29/11: "Boxing Champion" had its costume fitting today (view below). --- "Sister Fa" is stated to air May 16 succeeding Relic. --- "Yes Sir, No Sir" is now officially named Yes Sir, Sorry Sir. --- Louise Lee will film a series in May. --- The Great Eunuch's filming date is now unconfirmed.

3/10/11: Linda Chung will join the Bobby/Moses/Myolie series. Nelson Cheung will be the producer. --- 'Yes Sir, No Sir' is scheduled to air on April 16 succeeding Grace Under Fire. --- Men with No Shadows is stated to air on May 18 succeeding 'Relic'. (Not Confirmed) --- 'Phoenixes' will now be referred to as 'The Queen of All Queens'.

3/7/11: 'Sneak Attack' had its costume fitting today. Kate Tsui will actually film this after all. Mandy Wong will also film this. --- Kenneth Ma will film a series very soon. It has been stated that he will take part in '3 Kingdoms'. Ron Ng has been confirmed to NOT film this series. --- The new sitcom is officially named Be Home for Dinner. --- Yoyo Mung will film a new series in May.

2/19/11: Moses, Myolie and JJ will film the same upcoming series in May. Bobby Au Yeung is stated to film this series as well. --- Relic of an Emissary will air on April 4 at 8:30 succeeding Only You. --- Susanna Kwan is stated to film 'Eunuch'. --- Derek Kwok has been said to join the cast of 'Laughing Gor' as well.

2/25/11: 'Laughing Gor' will now be called 'Sneak Attack' 潛行狙擊.

2/19/11: Moses, Myolie and JJ will film the same upcoming series in May. Bobby Au Yeung is stated to film this series as well. --- Relic of an Emissary will air on April 4 at 8:30 succeeding Only You. --- Susanna Kwan is stated to film 'Eunuch'. --- Derek Kwok has been said to join the cast of 'Laughing Gor' as well.

2/12/11: "Fury on the Streets" will now be officially named Ghetto Justice. --- Moses Chan & JJ Jia will film an ancient series in May. --- Kate Tsui will no longer be filming "Laughing Gor". MC Jin Au-Yeung will join in filming this series as a police cadet.

2/5/11: "Female Martial Artist" will air on March 7th succeeding 'Blossom'. It's official name is Grace Under Fire. When Heaven Burns' air date is now unknown. --- Michael Tse, Damien Lau, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Fala Chen will film "Salute Laughing Sir" in March. Chong Wai Kin is the producer.

1/29/11: Nancy Wu is scheduled to film "Boxing Champion". Selena Li will most likely film this series too.

1/25/11: Myolie Wu will film a new series in May. --- Bosco Wong stated that he will film a new series around March/April.

1/21/11: Charmaine Sheh will no longer participate in filming FHIII. She has injured her arm and will take this time to recover. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee will take on Charmaine's role as part of the forensics team. --- When Heaven Burns is scheduled to air on March 7th succeeding 'Blossom' at 9:30. --- Queenie Chu, Raymond Chiu and Eileen Yeow will film the new untitled sitcom. Tsui Yue On will be its producer. --- Michael Tse is said to film a new series soon.

1/17/11: Fala Chen will film a modern series in March. It is unannounced whether the series is "Champion", "Fook Luk Sau" or a brand new series. --- Raymond Wong & Natalie Tong will film "Champion". --- Elliot Yue Ngak Wah and Krystal Tin will film the new sitcom with Stephen Au.

1/13/11: Wayne Lai will film 'The Great Eunuch" starting at the end of March. Other cast members have not been revealed. --- A new sitcom will start filming soon. Stephen Au will be in this. It will air succeeding Show Me the Happy in March.

1/10/11: 'My Cruel Lover' will have its costume fitting on Jan. 17th. Niki Chow will most likely film this series. --- Tavia Yeung is confirmed to film '3 Kingdoms'. --- 'Only You' is confirmed to air on February 21st succeeding '7 Days'.

1/3/11: Forensic Heroes III's costume fitting was today 1/3/11 (view post below). Aimee Chan and Edwin Siu are also filming this series. --- Ron Ng is no longer confirmed to film "3 Kingdoms" due to schedule conflicts of filming other series. --- "Flying Tigers" will be a 13-episode series that will air only on Saturdays. Vincent Wong, Him Law, Patrick Tang, Benjamin Yuen and William Chak will also film this series. --- Niki Chow may or may not film "My Cruel Lover" due to company disputes. There hasn't been confirmation yet and no replacement has been announced.

12/27/10: Upcoming Joe/Jessica series will be about the Special Duties Unit (SDU). Since this unit is nicknamed "Flying Tigers", this will be the series' new tentative title (just for fun). --- Power Chan and Chris Lai have been added to the cast of "3 Kingdoms".

12/24/10: "Lying Lover" has changed its name and will now be called "My Cruel Lover" (thanks to hyn5 for the translation). --- "Only You" is said to air in February around Valentine's Day.

12/18/10: "Return to the Three Kingdoms" is confirmed to film in March with Lau Ka Ho as the producer. The cast includes Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng. The original casts of the sales presentation are not confirmed including Steven Ma and Fala Chen. --- Nancy will also film Forensic Heroes III as a lawyer, mother and Wayne Lai's wife. --- Raymond Wong will film a pre-modern series in June.

12/16/10: A Rippling Blossom is scheduled to air succeeding "A Great Way to Care" on Feb. 7. --- "Jiu Jiang's Strong Wine" has its costume fitting today. View below.

12/12/10: Those rumors about 7 Days in Life being warehoused was just purely rumors because 7 Days in Life is scheduled to air on TVB Jade on January 24 succeeding Home Troopers at 8:30PM.

12/11/10: "7 Days of Isolation" is now officially named 7 Days in Life. There is a rumor circulating that this series MAY be warehoused. --- Raymond Cho, Elaine Yiu and Joel Chan has joined the cast of "Lying Lover".

11/26/10: "The Residential Army" is officially named Home Troopers. --- "An Uninvited Date" is officially named Men with No Shadows. --- Tavia Yeung is said to film a new series in February. --- A Great Way to Care, which was warehoused in 2009, will finally come off the shelves and is scheduled to air on January 10 succeeding 'Links'.

11/14/10: Raymond Wong will be the male lead in upcoming Niki Chow series, which will now be called "Lying Lover". --- Links to Temptation is scheduled to air succeeding 'Metal' on Dec. 13. --- "The Residential Army" is scheduled to air succeeding 'Twilight' on Dec. 27.

10/30/10: Kevin Cheng will film a Marco Law boxing series called "Champion" in March. Other cast members (Raymond Wong, Kate, Selena) are unconfirmed. --- Jessica Hsuan stated that she will film a cop-oriented series with Joe Ma in January. --- "Imperial Bodyguard" will now be referred to as " Thunder From Within the Palace". Pierre Ngo is no longer involved in filming this series due to injuries.

10/17/10: Twilight Investigation will air on Nov. 29 taking the place of No Regrets. --- Imperial Bodyguards will have its costume fitting on Tuesday, Oct. 19.

10/15/10: Kenneth Ma will film the Qing Dynasty series with Steven/Selena. It will now be called "Imperial Bodyguards". --- Nancy Sit/Bowie/Sunny/Linda series is now named "Jiu Jiang's Future". --- Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen will film a series based on "Fun with Liza and Gods" in March.

10/2/10: "Flying Fish" is officially named The Rippling Blossom. --- Nancy Sit, Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo and Sire Ma will film a Wong Wai Sing Qing dynasty series in the beginning of 2011. --- Niki Chow will film a pre-modern series at the end of the year.

9/26/10: Producer Miu Siu Ching revealed the main cast members of Forensic Heroes 3: Wayne Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Ron Ng, and Kate Tsui. Tavia Yeung and Ruco Chan are now unconfirmed to be part of the cast.

9/20/10: Upcoming Adam/Moses series will now be referred to "A War of the Heart". It will have its costume fitting tomorrow the 21st. Aimee Chan has joined the cast.

9/19/10: "Men and Women" will have its costume tomorrow on the 20th. Him Law and Mandy Wong will also be part of the cast. --- Rebecca Chan will film "Pursuit". Its costume event will occur sometime this week. --- New upcoming Roger sitcom will now be called "The Doctor's Family Has Happiness". Benz Hui and Paul Chun will also film this. --- Natalie Tong will also film the upcoming Steven Ma series. --- Tavia Yeung will film "FH III" with Wayne, Charm and Ron.

9/11/10: Charmaine Sheh will film with Wayne and Ron in the new forensics series. It is reported that the series is Forensic Heroes 3. --- Michelle Yim has joined the new upcoming sitcom.

9/5/10: Adam/Moses series will now be called "A Thousand Miles of Perilous Pursuit". --- Ron Ng will film the series with Wayne Lai in December! --- Roger Kwok and Bernice Liu will join the cast of the new Derek Kwok sitcom.

9/3/10: Selena is said to film a Qing Dynasty series soon. I'm assuming it will be the same as Steven Ma's series. --- Gun Metal Grey is scheduled to air November 1 taking over Every Move You Make.

8/21/10: "Sister Fa" will have its costume fitting on Wednesday the 25th. --- Every Move You Make is scheduled to air October 4th succeeding Can't Buy Me Love. --- No Regrets is scheduled to air October 18 taking over the place of "Comeback". --- "Comeback" is officially named The Comeback Clan. --- "Hongwu" is officially named Relic of an Emissary.

8/14/10: "Heaven & Earth" is now officially called When Heaven Burns. ---- "Righteous Sea" is now officially called No Regrets.

8/9/10: Nelson Cheung's Ron/Sonija series will now be called "Living Situations of Men and Women". ---- 'Beyond' sequel at the end of the year will be postponed to next year due to artistes schedules. Instead, Miu Siu Ching will have a brand new forensic styles series in December with Wayne Lai. Moses Chan & Tavia Yeung aren't confirmed to film this new series. --- "Truth" has an internal costume fitting today. It will have its official one on Aug. 11th. Rebecca Chan and Matthew Ko will also film this.

8/3/10: "Sister Fa" will start filming Aug. 16th (costume fitting TBA). Pierre Ngo and Yoyo Chen will also film this series. ---- Tavia/Raymond Wong/Chris upcoming series is now called "Truth". Ruco Chan, Natalie Tong and Louis Yuen are also confirmed to film this. It is scheduled to have a costume fitting on August 9. ---- "The Comeback Family" is scheduled to air on Sept. 20 succeeding "Growing". --- A new sitcom will be filmed in October. Derek Kwok has been casted. --- "Transferred Connection" is officially named Links to Temptation.

7/17/10: Raymond Lam is confirmed to film with Charmaine and Toby in August. --- Can't Buy Me Love is scheduled to air on August 23 succeeding 'Beauty'. --- 'Righteous Sea' is stated to air sometime in October as an anniversary series. --- Steven Ma will film a new series in September. --- The modern sequel of 'Beyond' will have Moses Chan and Tavia Yeung as cast members. --- Ghost Writer is slated to have a sequel to be filmed in 2011.

7/1/10: Tavia Yeung, Raymond Wong and Chris Lai will film an Amy Wong series in August. Natalie Tong is, also, said to film this.

6/28/10: Jessica/Myolie series will have its costume fitting on July 7. It will start filming on July 13.

6/24/10: "Female Fist" will have its costume fitting on June 30th. --- Michael/Ron series will be filmed in October. Cast also includes Damien Lau, Sonija Kwok, Joyce Tang and Linda Chung. --- September Adam Cheng series will also have Moses Chan. --- Growing Through Life will air succeeding 'Pillow' on August 9.

6/21/10: When Lanes Merge webpage: ---- The official title of Maggie/Michelle/Joyce series is Beauty Knows No Pain. ---- "Mind-Reading" has changed its name to Every Move You Make. ---- Upcoming Jessica/Myolie series is called 萬凰之王.

6/14/10: Nancy Wu, Macy Chan, Gigi Wong, Elena Kong and Cheung Kwok Keung will film the upcoming series with Jessica Hsuan.

6/09/10 (RETURN FROM VACATION - HUGE ENTRY): Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Rebecca Chan, Gordon Liu and Ben Wong will film a Qing Dynasty series in July. --- Charmaine Sheh and Toby Leung will film "The Colorful World of Sister Fa" in August. Raymond Lam is unconfirmed to film this. --- Michael Miu and Ron Ng will film a new series together in September. --- Kevin Cheng will film a new Amy Wong series after "Army". --- Bosco Wong and Kenny Wong has joined the cast of "Female Fist" which will start filming in July. --- Joyce Tang will film a new series in October. --- "Beyond the Realm of Conscience II" is said to starting filming in December with the same cast as the original but with a different storyline. --- Kent/Sonija/Kate series officially named When Lanes Merge will air on June 28 succeeding 'Mysteries'. --- A Pillowcase of Mystery 2 is finally scheduled to air on July 12 succeeding 'Ghost'. --- "Women Hurt Most" is scheduled to air on July 26 succeeding 'Lanes'. --- New Louise/Wayne/Teresa sitcom named Someday will air on Jun 14 succeeding OL Supreme. Someday website:

5/16/10: Liza Wang, Ha Yu, Kevin Cheng and Bernice Liu will film a new series called 'The Residential Army' in June. --- The new title of Moses/Ron series is 'Yes Sir, No Sir'.

5/11/10: Moses/Ron series is now tentatively called "Why is the Cop a Teacher?" --- Fala Chen and Elliot Yue have joined the cast of "Female Fist". Kenneth Ma is confirmed to film this. --- Adam Cheng will film a modern series in September. --- The Mysteries of Love website:

5/3/10: Selena Li will film a new series in June. --- Moses/Ron/Linda/Tavia series will have its costume fitting on May 18th. An internal costume fitting will occur on May 13th.

4/26/10: The Charmaine/Roger series is not a TVB series. News about it will end here. --- Charmaine and Raymond will film a modern series around August where Charmaine will play a woman with the mental age of 8. --- Ghost Writer will air after "Pearl" on June 7. --- 'Twilight' is unconfirmed to air after 'Mysteries' on June 28. --- "Female Fist" is scheduled to film from July to September. John Chiang has joined the cast.

4/21/10: Roger Kwok will be working with Charmaine in an upcoming ancient series. Raymond Lam will no longer take part in this project. ---- Sisters of Pearl website open:

4/19/10: Sunny Every Day will have its costume fitting on the 26th on Monday. --- Ron/Moses/Tavia upcoming series filming has been pushed back to May.

4/16/10: Jessica Hsuan will film an ancient series in July. The male artist is TBA but he is someone that Jessica has worked with and loves working with.

4/10/10: Fly with Me website open: --- 'Fury' costume fitting is on Monday, April 12.

4/7/10: The Mysteries of Love is 100% confirmed to air on May 24 after Fly With Me (unless TVB changes their mind).

4/3/10: "Hongwu 32" will have its costume fitting on April 9th. Joel Chan and Macy Chan are added to the cast. According to Sammul, the series has already started filming. ---- Ha Yu will film the upcoming series with Liza and Bernice. ---- Mysteries of Love is said to air after Fly With Me (not 100% confirmed).

3/28/10: Liza Wang and Bernice Liu will film a series together in June. Ray Lui is also said to film this. --- Yuen Wah and Kara Hui will film "Female Fist". --- The Louise/Wayne sitcom is now called "Sunny Every Day". --- Looks like Shirley Yeung won't be filming any series soon.

3/26/10: Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, Sharon Chan, and Sam Lee will film "Fury on the Streets" in April. ---- Sister of Pearl is scheduled to air May 3 after Suspects in Love. ---- Bernice Liu will film a series in June. ---- Kenneth Ma may film the upcoming series with Charmaine/Ray.

3/21/10: Tavia Yeung will film upcoming series with Moses/Ron/Linda. Selena is unconfirmed to film this as well. --- Johnson Lee will film upcoming Louise/Wayne sitcom.

3/15/10: Jacky Heung will film "Female Fist" produced by Marco Law at the end of June. Kenneth Ma and Liu Xuan will most likely film this as well. --- Joe Ma will film "Hongwu 32".

3/13/10: Myolie Wu will film a new series in April. ---- Jessica Hsuan may film a series in June.

3/12/10: Suspects in Love will air after "Beholder" on April 5 and Fly with Me is set to air after "Stances" on April 19. ---- Moses Chan will film the upcoming Ron/Linda series. ---- Joyce Tang will film an unannounced series in April (correction from previous post). ---- Elanne Kong and Sire Ma will join the cast of Sammul/Michael/Kate series. It's tentative title is "Hongwu 32". ---- Liza Wang will film a series in June. ---- "7 Days of Isolation" will have its costume fitting on March 16.

3/06/10: Bosco Wong and Patrick Tang will film the "7 Days of Isolation" as well. ---- Flora/Joe/Sharon series is officially called Suspects in Love. ---- "Pu Song Ling" is now called Ghost Writers. ---- "Cops" is officially called Gun Metal Grey.

2/26/10: Sonija Kwok and Steven Ma will film "Seven Days of Isolation" in March. Other cast members are TBA.

2/24/10: The Bobby/Ray/Tav series called "An Uninvited Date" held its costume fitting today (view below). --- Sonija Kwok will film a new series in March.

2/17/10: "Pearl in Palm" official title is Sister of Pearl. --- "Iron Horse" is now named A Fistful of Stances. --- "Flirting Scholar" is now officially named In the Eye of the Beholder. --- "Queen Office" is now named O.L. Supreme.

2/11/10: "Iron Horse" will air on March 15 after My Better Half. The official title is TBA.

2/7/10: Ron Ng and Linda Chung will film the upcoming Lau Ka Ho series together. Ha Yu will also film this. ---- Gigi Wong and Edmond Leung has joined the cast of the Bobby/Tav/Ray series. --- Don Juan de Mercado website:

2/2/10: "The Flirting Scholar" will air after The Eloquent Ji Xiao Lan 4 (Bronze Teeth). ---- Raymond Lam and Charmaine will film a series in May. This will be a grand production. ---- Ron Ng will film a series in April. ---- Linda Chung will film a series in April.

1/26/10: Bosco-Kate 6-Episode series is now officially called Don Juan DeMercado. Nancy Wu is in this series. ---- Kate Tsui, Michael Tse and Sammul Chan will film an ancient series in April with producer Wong Wai Sing.

1/20/10: The Mind-Reading Detective costume fitting was today 1/20. --- Raymond Lam will join the cast of the Bobby/Tavia series.

1/17/10: Charmaine Sheh will film a series in April. ---- Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia will film a modern series in March! --- Michael Tse will film a series in April...most likely Wu Jie Monk.

1/11/10: Aimee Chan will film "Mind Reading Detective". --- Tavia will film a modern series after "Winter".

1/10/10: Louise Lee, Teresa Mo and Wayne Lai will film a new sitcom in May. --- My Better Half is scheduled to air after "Season". --- The official title of "The Stars of Love" is Cupid Stupid.

1/8/10: Steven Ma will film a series in March. --- The Bronze Teeth, a mainland ancient drama, will air after "Watchdog". ---- Charmaine Sheh will film 3 series in the next 10 months (More information to come).

1/6/10: "The Stars of Love" will be warehoused (released overseas but not air on TVB Jade) on Jan. 25. It has a new TBA english title. ---- Reunion will have its costume fitting on Jan. 12th instead: ---- Bosco Wong will film the Mind-Reading Detective. ---- "Wu Jie Monk" or "Martial Arts Masters" will be filmed and produced by Leung Choi Yuen in April. Kate Tsui could possibly film this since she has a new series in April and she was in the sales presentation.

1/2/10: "The Mind Reading Detective" will start filming at the end of January. The cast will be announced soon. --- Reunion will have its costume fitting on Jan. 14. Myolie will not film this. --- "The Five Tastes of Life" official title is The Season of Fate. --- "Here Comes the Princess" official title is Can't Buy Me Love. --- Sunny Chan confirmed that a sequel of "Chip" will be filmed. --- Reports state that a sequel of Revolving Doors of Vengeance will be filmed.

12/14/09: Nancy Sit will film a series in September. ---- Shirley Yeung will film a series in February. ---- Kate Tsui will film a series after Reunion in April. (thanks jse)

12/12/09: Myolie Wu is said film Reunion. Toby Leung and Benz Hui are confirmed to film this as well. ---- TBotG's website is open:

12/10/09: Wong Cho Lam, Kitty Yuen, Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui will film a 6 episode musical series that will air after Off Pedder. This is the unknown series that was scheduled to have its costume fitting today (view below).

12/08/09: Chilan/Myo/Tavia series is now called "The Winter of the Flying Fish". ---- A series called 濃情三十日 (Cast & English title TBA) will have its costume fitting on the 10th. ---- "Women" will have its costume fitting on the 14th. ---- "Princess" will have its costume fitting on the 17th. Sharon Chan is said to join the cast!--- Sammul Chan will film an ancient series in April.

12/05/09: Selena is confirmed to film "Princess". Elaine Yiu is will also film this as a guest star.

12/01/09: Michelle Yim and Joyce Tang has joined the cast of the upcoming Maggie-Joe series. ---- A modern version of "Beyond" will film in the middle of 2010. ----- "Shall We State the Case" is officially called The Mysteries of Love.

11/28/09: ACOtOB's website is open: ---Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, Derek Kwok and Him Law are confirmed to film "Reunion" in January. Sunny Chan will also be joining the cast. ----- Selena Li will film a new series starting in late December. ---- Raymond Lam and Linda Chung are said to film an ancient series next year (jse).

11/22/09: "The Queen of the Office" is confirmed to air on February 22 after Off Pedder completes it's run. --- "Safety First" has a new name: 情越雙白線 ==> Love for Double White Lines

11/20/09: A Watchdog's Tale is scheduled to air after ACOtOB while "Five Flavors of Life" is scheduled to air after The Beauty of the Game. ---- Myolie Wu is said to film "7 Days of Isolation" in February.

11/13/09: The upcoming Roger/Derek series is indeed Reunion (thanks S@T). Ron will most likely film this series. The other listed casts are unconfirmed: Kate, Toby, Him & Benz. This series will be 30 episodes. ----- "Crossing Boundary" will now be called "Twilight Investigation".

11/12/09: Joe Ma will be in upcoming Maggie Cheung series.

11/6/09: "Father" with Ron and Myolie is now officially called A Chip Off the Old Block

10/28/09: Only You will have its costume fitting on Monday, November 2. Yoyo will join the cast while Paul Chun will not film this any longer.

10/24/09: "The Truth of His Father" will air after Beyond on Nov. 30 and The Beauty of the Game will air after Born Rich on Dec. 14. Remember that TVB likes to change their minds even when it's confirmed early on. ---- "Beyond II" is now called "Arrival of the Princess" and will film in December. Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, and Charmaine Sheh are said to film this series. ---- "Chau Heung" is now called the Flirting Scholar. ---- Roger Kwok and Derek Kwok will film a 30 episode series in January.

10/18/09: Upcoming Kevin/Louise series is tentatively called "Only You". Ada Choi has rejected to film this series. ---- Alex Fong Chun Sun is unconfirmed to film the Maggie Cheung series.

10/12/09: Chilam/Myo/Tavia series has its costume fitting today. ---- Roger Kwok will no longer film upcoming Amy Wong series. He will film a new series in January.

10/8/09: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Raymond Wong, Fala Chen, Susan Tse, Kara Hui, Ngok Wah and Pierre Ngo will film pre-modern series "Righteous Sea of Heroic Love" in March. ----- Linda Chung and Kenneth Ma will film a series in December. ---- Roger/Kevin/Ada series will start filming on November 2. ---- Maggie Cheung's series will start filming by the end of this year.

9/25/09: Maggie Cheung will film 女人最痛 in 2010. A modern series focusing on women.

9/21/09: Interpol will have its costume fitting tomorrow the 22nd!

9/17/09: Safety First costume fitting today! ---- Ada Choi will film the Amy Wong series with Roger/Kevin. The series will film in November rather than September.

9/15/09: Kent Cheng, Lee Heung Kam, Sonija Kwok, Kate Tsui, Raymond Wong, Raymond Cho, and Elaine Yiu will film a news series called "Safety First". It will have its costume fitting on Sept. 17. ---- Tavia Yeung and Damien Lau are confirmed to film Chilam-Myolie series. ----- Heaven and Earth will have its costume fitting on Monday, September 21. ----- Born Rich is confirmed to air October 19 at the 9:30 timeslot.

9/01/09: Oh, My Darling's official title is now My Better Half. --- Krystal Tin will be in "Interpol". ---- Sunny Chan will a modern series in November. ---- Maggie Cheung will supposedly join Heaven and Earth and take Sheren's role in the sales presentation. Also, Chik's regulars have also joined the cast: Catherine Chau, Chan Hung Lit, Rachel Kan.

8/27/09: Natalie Tong will be in the Louise/Roger/Kevin series. ---- The Ha Yu/Sammul series will have its costume fitting on Monday the 31st. It is tentatively named "The Comeback Family". Christine Ng and Benz Hui has joined the cast as well. ---- Nancy Wu, Rebecca Chan and Vincent Wong has joined the cast of Michael-Felix series. Its directly translated title would be "Interpol".

8/21/09: Beyond the Realm of Conscience is confirmed to air on October 19. --- Born Rich is also confirmed to air sometime in October. ---- Michael Tse has joined the cast of the upcoming Chilam series. Tavia has yet to confirm her participation.

8/17/09: Shirley Yeung, Sammul Chan, Ha Yu and Toby Leung will film a series together in September. ---- Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung will film a series together in October. ---- In the Chamber of Bliss will air on Sept. 21 instead of "Watchdog. ----

7/26/09: Jessica Hsuan is confirmed to film the series with Michael/Felix in October. --- The Stew of Life will air on September 7 after You're Hired and A Watchdog's Tale is scheduled to air Sept 21. ---- Shirley Yeung, Selena Li and Edwin Siu will film a series in September, but whether it's the same series or not, it's still undetermined.

7/22/09: Felix Wong is confirmed to film a cop drama with Michael Miu in October.

7/21/09: Flora/Joe series will have its costume fitting tomorrow July 22. It is now called "Searching for Lasting Love". Sharon Chan and Him Law are part of the main cast. ---- Ha Yu will film a series in September.

7/19/09: Charmaine, Moses and Kenny are confirmed to join Bowie and Maggie Siu in filming Heaven and Earth. ---- Correction: Temptation will have its costume fitting tomorrow the 20th. Pix will be posted ASAP.

7/13/09: Michael Miu will film a series in September. His co-star could possibly be Felix Wong. ------ Flora Chan, Joe Ma and Shek Sau are confirmed to film a modern series with Producer Poon Ka Tak in August. ---- Bernice Liu is said to join Ray-Tavia series but more confirmation is needed. ---- You're Hired is 100% scheduled to air August 10 because AOD has released it's synopsis.

7/09/09: You're Hired is scheduled to air on August 10 after ABfaR and D.I.E. Again is set to air August 17 after BFIII. (Remember, TVB can change their minds at any second). --- Heaven and Earth will film in September. Further cast members are yet to be comfirmed.

7/06/09: Louise Lee, Jessica Hsuan, Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng and Paul Chun will film a light-hearted 30 episode series in September. ----- Maggie Cheung will film a series in September.

7/02/09: Ray-Tavia series will have its costume fitting on July 16. ----- Bowie Lam and Maggie Siu are confirmed to film Heaven and Earth in August.

6/25/09: Kenny Wong has joined the cast of 'Connection'. ----- Shirley Yeung will film an ancient series in August. ----- BFIII synopsis is out on Astro on Demand website.

6/16/09: Ray-Tavia series is now tentatively called "Shall We State the Case". It is a cop series. ---- Maggie Siu is confirmed to film a Jonathan Chik series in September. Confirmation is needed on whether the September Chik series is Heaven and Earth or not. ---- Jessica/Louise series will be 30 episodes.

6/12/09: Kenneth Ma will only be a guest star on upcoming Ray-Tavia series. ---- Wayne and Sheren are said to film a series in February under Lee Tim Sing. ---- "Nutritional Housewives" is officially named The Stew of Life. ---- "Superwoman" is now named Fly with Me. ---- Sharon Chan will be in the Bernice series.

6/09/09: 'Beyond' is confirmed to air in Korea and mainland in September. Confirmation is still needed on if it will air in HK at the same time. ---- 'Reaching Star' official name is now Growing Through Life.

6/06/09: Steven Ma and Fala Chen will film the upcoming modern series with Yoyo Mung. It will be 20 episodes.

6/04/09: Kenneth Ma is confirmed to film the Ray-Tavia series. It is said that the series has been pushed back and will start filming in July. Bernice is not confirmed to join the series yet. ---- A Bride for a Ride is confirmed to air after Sweetness.

6/01/09: Bernice Liu is said to film a series in June. ----- Burning Flame III is stated to air after Persona and A Bride for a Ride is set to air after Sweetness (not 100%).

5/27/09: Jessica Hsuan will be filming the series with Louise Lee in Sept. --- Costume fitting for "Exploration" was held on the 26th. --- "Picking Star" is now called "The Adventure of Reaching Star". --- Beyond has wrapped up filming.

5/22/09: A Great Way to Care has been warehoused and will release overseas on June 8th. ---- "The Queen of the Office" costume fitting was today (view below). ----- Yoyo Mung will film "Turn of Induced Feelings" at the end of July.

5/15/09: Charmaine will film a series in September after she takes a break from filming. ---- Beyond will finish filming on May 27. --- "Heaven and Earth is back on but will film in 2010. --- Born Rich will be the other anniversary series. --- Unrelated to series, TVB decided to move the anniversary celebration to December instead of November.

5/13/09: TVB has decided to air Sweetness in the Salt after JLII instead of "Watchdog". ---- Wong Hei, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Chris Lai and Kaki Leung will be filming "Crossing the Boundary of Exploration" in early June. ---- Louise Lee will film a series in September. ---- Beyond the Realm of Conscience has been decided to be an anniversary series, which means it will air in October/November. ---- The Five Flavors of Love held its costume fitting today 5/13.

>5/12/09: Susanna Kwan, Kenneth Ma and Kate Tsui is said to film the series with Joe Ma in July. ---- Kiki Sheung will film a series in September.

5/09/09: Chilam Cheung will film a series in October.

5/05/09: Sonija Kwok is stated to film the series with Joe Ma in July. ---- Bosco Wong is said to join the Liza-Ron sitcom (either as a castmember or a guest - not confirmed). It will have its costume fitting on May 22.

5/04/09: Michelle Yim, Esther Kwan, Roger Kwok, Ng Wai Kwok and Derek Kwok will film a pre-modern series "Five Tastes of Love" in May. ----- It seems that the Bobby-Flora series may have been postponed or canceled. It could have been assigned a different producer too. News is yet to be revealed. --- A Watchdog's Tale is 100% confirmed to air after JLII.

4/27/09: Joe Ma will film a series in July.

4/26/09: Ron Ng, Denise Ho and Chapman To has joined the cast of "The Queen of the Office". It is an 80 episode sitcom that will air after Off Pedder. ----- Heung Joh is confirmed to film "Iron Horse".

4/24/09: Rosy Business official website is now open. View link in its profile (below post).

4/21/09: Heaven and Earth is now cancelled.

4/19/09: Michelle Yim will film a new series after she is done with "Beyond". --- "Iron Horse" will have its costume fitting on May 6th. ---- Maggie-Michael series has changed its name to "Oh, My Darling". ---- The Liza-Linda series will be referred to as "The Queen of the Office".

4/12/09: Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, and Joel Chan are confirmed to film a new series in June. Wong Hei is also said to be in this series. ---- Little Miss Unreasonable has already started filming with a mainland main actress alongside Roger Kwok. ----- The Beauty of the Game is stated to air after 'Rosy' on June 1. ---- The Threshold of a Persona is stated to air on June 8 after Just Love II.

4/04/09: "Medicine of Heaven" with Alex-Kate is officially named A Great Way to Care. ---- Michael Tse will not film with Liza in May for obvious reasons... ---- Angela Tong is said to film a series in May. ----- Go Here to view Program Highlights and certain series previews:

3/29/09: The Root of Evil has changed its name to Born Rich. ---- Dayo-Charmaine series is officially named You're Hired. ---- Myolie Wu will no londer be filming "Reasonable". ---- Liza Wang and Michael Tse will be filming a series in May. Linda Chung is also said to be in this series. ---- E.U. is confirmed to have a sequel to be filmed. Details are yet to be revealed.

3/21/09: Rosy Business is confirmed to air Apr. 27 after The King of Snookers. --- Just Love II is scheduled to air after Man in Charge on May 4. ---Yoyo Mung will be filming a series in May. ---- Sammul Chan will be also filming a series in May.

3/16/09: Costume fitting for The Pride of My Husband was today (view below). ---- "Tiger Wong" is officially named A Bride for a Ride. ---- Upcoming Roger-Myolie series is now called "Little Miss Unreasonable" and Aimee Chan has joined the cast. ---- Leila Tong is said to film a new series in May. ---- There's a chance Linda Chung's May series is the one with Bobby-Flora. ---- Man in Charge synopsis is out on AOD website:

3/11/09: The Pride for My Husband will have its costume fitting on March 16th. ---- Linda Chung stated that she will film a new series in May, other information has yet to be revealed. ---- Written to Life is now called "The Legend of Pu Songling". It will have its costume fitting on Mar. 13 and Matthew Ko and Elaine Yiu are added to the cast.

3/10/09: Yoyo Mung, Kenny Wong and Raymond Cho are added to the cast of Heaven and Earth but the series as a whole is still yet to be comfirmed due to Nick Cheung's schedule. --- "Beautiful HD" is now officially named The Beauty of the Game.

3/1/09: Sonija Kwok has joined the cast of "The Pride for My Husband" while Ella Koon is no longer casted. ----- Linda Chung is said to join the cast of "Heaven and Earth"(NOT 100% CONFIRMED!!).

2/19/09: The King of Snooker is scheduled to air on March 30 after E.U. --- Man in Charge is scheduled to air after The Winter Melon Tale on April 6. ----- Cecilia Yip has joined the cast of "Picking Star of Adventure". ---- "Conscience" will actually be done filming in June instead of August (this makes more sense since Kevin and Selena's new series starts filming May-ish).

2/17/09: "Picking Star of Adventure" has started filming already two days ago, there wasn't a costume fitting. --- Costume fitting for "Conscience" was yesterday while the one for "Pearl" was held today (View Below). ----- A new comedy series (Mischevious Wife and Little Sister) with Roger Kwok, Myolie Wu, Eddie Kwan and Kingdom Yuen will start filming in April. ---- Moses Chan and Sheren Tang will film "Heaven and Earth".

2/2/09: Teresa Lee and Ella Koon are confirmed to join upcoming Michael-Maggie series. ----- Niki Chow, Vivien Yeo and Kenny Kwan will join Ken Hung to film a series this year.

1/29/09: "D.I.E. II" is now named "D.I.E. Again". --- "King of Pool" official name is "The King of Snooker". ---- Michael Tse is stated to be in upcoming "The Pride for My Husband". ---- Beyond the Realm of Conscience will being filming on Feb. 22. ---- Ken Hung will supposedly film a new series this year.

1/25/09: "The Grand Entrepeneur" is officially named Root of Evil. -- "The Rouge Merchant" is now named Rosy Business. -- "Dogs on the Beat" is now named The Watchdog's Tale. -- "General Chai and Lady Balsam" official name is In the Chamber of Bliss -- Upcoming "Palace Scheme" is now called Beyond the Realm of Conscience. -- "Business Doctor" has changed its name to The Entrepreneurial Beauties (unofficial). -- Sonija Kwok will be in upcoming Yoyo Mung mystery series. --- "Iron Horse" will start filming in April instead of May.

1/21/09: "Nutritional Housewives" costume fitting was today (view below). ------ Derek Kwok will be in upcoming Yoyo Mung series. ----- The mainland stars of "Picking Star" such as William Feng, Yu Hao Ming and Yang Xue are now not officially confirmed, wait for more news. ----- "Big White Gourd" is officially named The Winter Melon Tale and it will air on March 9th following Royal Tramp.

1/12/09: "Truth Father" held its costume fitting/blessing ceremony today. View post below. ----- Upcoming series with Chung King Fai and Louise Lee will have its costume fitting on Jan 22nd. ------ The upcoming Bobby-Flora series will have 25 episodes.

1/10/09: The Greatness of a Hero is scheduled to be released overseas on Feb 9th after SitS.

12/31/08: Yoyo Mung will film a modern series in March. ----- 'True Father' costume fitting will be on Monday, Jan. 5.

12/23/08: Sweetness in the Salt will be officially released overseas on January 5. ----- Ron Ng will not be participating in "Written to Life". ----- BOTH Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma will be in "Iron Horse". They will play brothers along with Stephen Wong. ----- William Feng (in Drive of Life) will film "Picking Star". This series will be 30 episodes. ----- Elaine Yiu and Tracy Ip are added to the cast of "Palace Scheme" and this series will be 30 episodes as well. ----- Timmy Hung has been added to the upcoming "Grandpa" series.

12/17/08: Damien Lau, Candice Yu and (Ham) Yu Hao Ming are confirmed to join "Picking Star of Adeventure". ------ Bowie Lam is confirmed to film "Heaven and Earth" with Nick Cheung. The specific filming date has not been officially decided. ------- "Grandpa" with Chung King Fai has moved up filming to the end of January. ------ "Written to Life" has moved up filming to March-April. ----- The upcoming Bobby-Flora series is now called "The Youth Grows Again".

12/10/08: Mainland's "Royal Tramp" with Huang Xiao Ming is scheduled to air after Pages of Treasrues on Jan. 5. ----- E.U. is scheduled to air after TGOL on Feb. 9. ------ Nancy Wu and Louis Yuen are added to the cast of "Father". ------ Patrick Tang will be in the upcoming Michael-Maggie series.

12/08/08: Superwoman costume fitting was today (view below). ------ The Hatred of Love has changed its name to "Medicine of Heaven". ------- Pages of Treasures website is now open (view its profile below for link).

12/05/08: "Horoscope" is now called The Stars of Love. It had its costume fitting today (view below). -------- Sweetness in the Salt is planned to air after "Pages" on Jan. 5. ----- Nancy Wu, Natalie Tong and Stephen Wong will join "Iron Horse" (not 100%). ------- Yang Xue (a mainland actress) will lead in with Raymond Lam in the upcoming mainland collab series.

12/03/08: Kevin Cheng is confirmed to film "Iron Horse" in May (hmm...wouldn't he still be filming Lau Sam Ho? wonder how that's gonna work..). Kenneth Ma is not 100% confirmed to be in this. ------- Enterprise Doctor will wrap up filming in these next few weeks.

12/01/08: Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Shirley Yeung have joined the cast of "Iron Horse" and will film in May. Raymond Lam will not film this. A replacement for Ray (supposedly not from TVB) is yet to be determined (Kenneth is not his replacement). ------ In May, Ray will film a new series with Bobby Au Yeung and Flora Chan. ------ Jessica Hsuan, Bowie Lam, Joyce Tang, & Kiki Sheung will join Michael Tao in "Pearl in Palm". ------ Christine Ng will film the upcoming Chung King Fai series. ------ The upcoming Michael-Maggie series will be called The Pride for My Husband.

11/27/08: Jack Wu is confirmed to join "Horoscope".

11/17/08: "Click" changed its name to Pages of Treasures. ----- The earlier announced Fala Chen series is the same one featured on the sales presentation that include Chung King Fai and Lee Sze Kei. It is also supposedly a sequel of "My Family". ------ The extended cast of "Horoscope" has Mando Cho, Benny Chan Chin Pang, Lau Dan and Law Lok Lam. ------ Flora Chan, Christine Ng, and Winnie Yeung are added to the Michael Tao series (not 100%! there could still be many changes since its awhile away).

11/16/08: The Grand Entrepeneur will have its costume fitting on Nov. 24. Bernice Liu is no longer part of the cast due to other opportunities. Sharon Chan will take on Bernice's role instead. Kenneth Ma will playing an evil role. -------- Fala Chen will be filming a series in February for Producer Amy Wong(UTCOL,TSD,LOS,TUCF). ------ "Click to Enter Gold House" (with Paul, Wayne, Sonija, Shirley, Eric Suen) will air after WESFotSW instead of The Greatness of a Hero.

11/15/08: Ada Choi confirmed to film "The Story of a Stunt Woman" in December. ------ Nick Cheung is confirmed to film "Heaven and Earth" next year (other cast unconfirmed). ------ Michael Tao is confirmed to film "Grabbing of the Precious Jewel" in March. ------- Shirley Yeung, John Chiang and Gigi Wong has joined the cast of "The True Father of His"(the Ron-Sunny-Myolie series) and will begin filming in January. ------ Charmaine and Moses have confirmed to film Lau Sam Ho, unsure about other cast members. ------- E.N.I. is now called E.U. ----- More minor updates under "Series to be filmed".

11/07/08: The Steven-Tavia series will now be referred to as "The Horoscope of the Prince". Chilam will no longer be in this series and Mchael Tse will join the cast. ------ Michael Tao is confirmed to film a series in March next year.

10/26/08: The Greatness of a Hero will air on December 8 after WESFotSW. ------- Costume fitting for D.I.E. II is tomorrow Oct 27. ------ The Maggie-Michael series will film in March if negotiations are successful. ------ Lau Sam Ho will be filmed (confirmed by certain artists) but the official casts are yet to be decided. ------ "The Academy 3" is apparently named "E.N.I." now.

10/19/08: If negotiations are successful, MAGGIE CHEUNG(LOVE HER SO MUCH) and Michael Miu will film a series together soon (BEST NEWS IN AWHILE =D). ----- The updated cast of D.I.E II is Roger, Sonija, Derek, Kitty Yuen, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Edwin Siu, Stephen Huynh, Benjamin Yuen, Stephen Wong, Rabee'a Yeung. ----- Bernice Liu, Benz Hui, Angelina Lo & Vincent Wong(i forgot to mention last time) are added to the cast of "Money". ------- Toby Leung, Yvonne Lam, Mimi Lo, Power Chan & Lam Ka Wah is added to the upcoming Raymond-Bosco series. (Linda is still not confirmed). ------ The Gem of Life official website is now available: . ------- The Sunny-Ron-Myolie series will begin filming in January.

10/15/08: "The Hatred of Love" costume fitting was today (view below). ------ "Cordial Heroes" is now renamed as The Threshold of a Person. ------ "Easterly Showers" synopsis is available on AOD.

10/14/08: Chau Heung Angers Tong Bak Fu costume fitting was today (view post below). ------ Alex Fong-Kate Tsui series costume fitting is tomorrow. Also includes Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Timmy Hung, Charles Szeto, Suki Chui & Vivien Yeo. -------- The official cast of "Money" is Ray Lui, Gallen Lo, Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen, Joe Ma, Nancy Sit, Jaimie Chik, Krystal Tin, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung. -------- Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung and Kingdom Yuen will join the Julian Cheung series in November. ------- Sunny Chan, Myolie Wu and Ron Ng will film a series together after Myolie is done with her current series. -------- Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong will have a series in collaboration with mainland stars. Linda Chung might also be in this series. -------- Unconfirmed date but plans to film in 2009: a series with Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong & Raymond Cho. ------- Btw, I'm not mentioning the series that are only made for sales presentation purposes until there is confirmation.

10/10/08: The Gem of Life themevideo is now available (view it below). ------- Anita Yuen is confirmed to be in the "The Crime-Inducing Effect of Money". Gallen will play a extremely evil role. ------- Shirley will be in D.I.E. II. ------- Lau Sam Ho: New Series(HK version of Jewel in the Palace) in February: Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung, Selena Li. -------- The series with Susanna, Linda, Tavia and Bosco is not going to happen for now. ------ Chilam Cheung will film a series in November as promised previously.

10/1/08: The upcoming Gallen Lo grand production's chinese title is 金裝豪門 which translates to "Gold Wardrobe, Rich Family". Vincent Wong has also joined the cast. ------ New upcoming modern series: Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, Ngok Wah, Ram Tseung. ------- Upcoming Moses-Myolie series will have its costume fitting on Oct 14.

9/24/08: Elaine Yiu and Johnson Lee has confirmed to be part of upcoming Mose-Myolie series. -------- Kate Tsui has now joined the upcoming Yoyo-Fala production but male leads have yet to be determined.

9/19/08: The Charmaine-Joe-Liza series is now officially named "When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West" and is scheduled to air on Oct 27 after The Four. ------- Ha Yu and Chris Lai will be in the upcoming Moses-Myolie comedy series. Kate Tsui is no longer said to be part of the cast. ------- New upcoming series that will film in November includes Susanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung and Bosco Wong. (Hopefully i got everything. =D)

9/12/08: Michael Tse is confirmed to be in "Business Doctor". ------ It is said that Kate Tsui will be in the upcoming Moses-Myolie series. -------- A series with Tavia Yeung will start filming by the end of this year. ------- Nancy Sit has joined the cast of Gallen Lo grand production and will play Ray Lui's mom. ------- Raymond Lam might film a new series this year. (THANKS TO ALL THE PEEPS IN THE CBOX. THANKS SO MUCH!)

9/08/08: Sammul Chan and Gigi Wong are to be casted along with Selena Li in an upcoming series (wu gei). ----- Michael Tse will film a new series in October(jse).

9/04/08: Costume fitting for "General Chai" is posted below. ------- Bosco Wong is said to film an ancient series in November (jse).

9/03/08: The Damien-Kathy-Kenneth-Toby series costume fitting will be tomorrow 9/04/08. It will also include Krystal Tin and will be Man Chor genre. It will tentatively be called "General Chai & Lady Balsam". ------- Kate Tsui may be in a series in October (jse). ------- Moses-Myolie series will film in October, not Septemeber...for now.

9/01/08: Selena Li will be in a series in December (Lizzy). -------- Louisa So is confirmed to film a series in November (Insider).

8/28/08: (There hasn't been any major news to update on but here's some tidbits to prevent a dryspell). ------ Nancy Wu has joined the cast of "Red Powder Merchant". ------ Astro On Demand has made a section for the upcoming Last One Standing but it only has the "plot quote" and no synopsis yet.

8/24/08: Jessica Hsuan is expected to be in the upcoming Ada Choi-Nick Cheung series, not 100%.

8/23/08: Moses Chan and Myolie Wu will film a ancient comedy series soon (September-ish) and this is confirmed by Myolie herself. Vivien Yeo is supposed to be casted as well. --------- The Gem of Life will air on October 20 at 9:30 after Last One Standing. The Turbulence of East and West will air Oct 27 @ 8:30 after The Four. Man in Charge will air on December 8 at 8:30 after "Turbulence" (Insider).

8/22/08: The final four series of the 2008 TVB Year(anniversary to anniversary) are Last One Standing, The Four, The Gem of Life and "The Turbulence of East and West". Last One Standing will succeed Moonlight Resonance at 9:30 on Sept 22 and The Four will air when Your Class or Mine is done, also on Sept 22. "Gem" and "Turbulence" will then air after those series are finished in October.

8/21/08: Kenix Kwok, Anita Yuen and Lee Heung Kam are to be in upcoming Gallen Lo grand production in November (jse, Kevin & cx839).

8/20/08: Legend of Demigods will be airing at 8:00 next week, not 10:30. --------- Moses Chan will filming an ancient series soon, date unknown. Patrick Tang is rumored to be also part of the cast. ------- Business Doctor will film in October (randomness).

8/16/08: Your Class or Mine AND Legend of the Demigods official sites are now open. Please refer to the appropriate series' profile below for the links.

8/15/08: Your Class or Mine themevideo is out and can be viewed below. ------- "Dogs on the Beat" is said to have started filming today.

8/12/08: Dogs on the Beat costume fitting was today. ------ The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has changed its name to "Click to Enter Gold House" (randomness).

8/11/08: Last One Standing will air after MR on Sept 22 (jse). --------- Dogs on the Beat costume fitting is tomorrow 8/12 with cast: Steven Ma, Kent Cheng, Linda Chung, Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Koni Lui, Shermon Tang. Kayi+Sharon+Stephen will not be in the series (Insider).

8/10/08: Your Class or Mine airs on the 25th not the 18th. -------- No series will be airing during the 8:30 timeslot Aug 18 - Aug 24. The olympics will be airing during that time.

8/08/08: The Gem of Life is now confirmed to air on September 22. --------- Your Class or Mine synopsis can now be viewed here: --------- Looks like Kayi Cheung will be in the Gallen grand production.

8/05/08: Costume fitting for Dogs on the Beat will be in two weeks with Kent Cheng, Maggie Siu, Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Stephen Wong, Sharon Luk, and Kayi Cheung (Insider).

8/02/08: Maggie Siu will be in "Dogs on the Beat" (jse). ----------- This Last One Standing, The Gem of Life and The Turbulence of East and West fiasco about the airing dates is so confusing. Let's just stick with knowing that they WILL be airing in the next month or two.

8/01/08: Edwin Siu will be D.I.E. II and may pair with Nancy Wu. --------- Last One Standing and The Gem of Life are confirmed to air in September. The timeslots of each series has yet to be confirmed. High chance that LOS will be after Your Class or Mine (8:30) and TGOL after Moonlight Resonance(9:30). -------- The news of Turbulence of East and West airing in late September is most likely false for now... -------- I just found out now that Kenneth Ma will be a guest star on Your Class or Mine (wow i never knew that). Hey it's news to me so it could be news to some of you.

7/29/08: Legend of Demigods synopsis is now available here:

7/28/08: A Pillowcase of Mystery II costume fitting today. Scroll down for pix.

7/26/08: I forgot to announce this for awhile now but "Sharp Plans" is now "Your Class or Mine" .

7/25/08: "Wives and Concubines" will now be referred to as "Red Powder Merchant". The costume fitting was today, scroll down for pix. ------------- Nancy Wu is planning to be in D.I.E. II. ----------- Moses Chan stated in his blog that he will be filming a series soon but no more info has been released; side note: OMG YAY!!!

7/24/08: Costume Fitting for "Wives and Concubines" is tomorrow or today if we're going by HK time (Insider). -------- Moonlight Resonance's profile is complete, scroll down to posts to view.

7/22/08: Flora Chan was supposed to return and film the Gallen Lo grand production in September, but TVB pushed filming to November. Now Flora cannot participate because she is going on vacation. The good thing is that she is definitely returning but she has to wait til after her vacation. So expect to see her in a series in the future! ---------- Tentative air dates: Last One Standing: Sept 15. The Gem of Life: Sept 22 (Hayden).

7/21/08: New upcoming series "King of Pool" had its costume fitting today. Scroll down to view the pix.

7/15/08: Last One Standing is confirmed to air after the Olympics (cx839).

7/17/08:Moonlight Resonance themevideo is available and can be viewed/DLed below. ------- "King of Pool" will start filming in August (cx839).

7/15/08: D.I.E. II has moved its filming schedule to November. Kenneth Ma will most likely be part of the cast now.

7/14/08: New upcoming series starring: Bowie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen & Natalie Tong will film in September (tentative date). --------- When a Dog Loves a Cat's synopsis can now be viewed on Astro On Demand website or here, below, in the appropiate post.

7/13/08: Pillowcase of Mystery II's costume fitting will be on July 28 (cx839). -------- Krystal Tin will be in the upcoming grand production with Gallen (wu gei). --------- Steven Ma is removed from the cast list of the upcoming Ada-Nick series for now.

7/11/08: D.I.E. II has moved out of "still in consideration" and will start filming in August. Kenneth Ma is unlikely to be a primary cast member. --------- "Dogs on the Beat" has pushed back its filming date to late August. ---------- "Turbulence of the East and West" is rumored to be this year's anniversary series. (thanks to jse, herbie and wu gei!)

7/10/08: 100% confirmed that we will indeed have another Steven-Linda-Kent pairing for the upcoming cop series. The series is called 有狗出更 which is "Dogs on the Beat".

Monday, July 6, 2009

Burning Flame III 烈火雄心3 Airing: Jul. 6 - Aug. 16

Official Site:


Download Here!

Episodes: 32
Producer: Amy Wong
Cast: Wong Hei, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Aimee Chan, Elaine Yiu, Benny Chan, Stephen Wong, Matthew Ko, Sam Chan, Eddie Li, Joey Mak, Lee Sing Cheung. Helen Ma, Angelina Lo

In this much-awaited third installment of "Burning Flame", a team of firefighters continue to strive for the safety and well-being of local citizens under extreme conditions. Through rescuing the victims, the beauty of human nature and the importance of life are realized.
Encouraged by the fireman leader CHUNG YAU SHING (Wong He), young and playful FONG LEI ON (Wong Chung Chak, Bosco) joins the team and gets to know CHEUK PAK YUE (Cheng Kevin). Unfortunately, the two of them are having lots of misunderstanding at work. ON believes that YUE has stolen SHING's lover KO WAI YING (Wu Myolie) and causes the serious injury of SHING. However, a gruesome fire accident has drawn everyone into a twist of fate that has led them to find a deeper sense of awareness.


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